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New smart alarm system app for remotely control of alarm systems

Want to secure your residential and business without sign monitoring contract? Try to use our wireless cellular alarm system.

Our new designed cellular alarm system can provide maximum coverage from your doors and windows with magnetic contact sensors, and with passive infrared motion sensor for detection of un-authorized intrusion, as well as with a loud wireless indoor strobe siren to deterrent intruders, remote keyfobs for activate and de-activate alarm system.

The alarm system can effectively protect your property from being robbed, or stop a fire from spreading. Once an alarm is triggered, the system will not only make noise warning sound, but also notify user immediately with auto dialing phone call or text message (SMS). With our new alarm system, your home will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unifore security is one of pioneer security equipment developer and manufacturer. We have launched the new Android and iPhone app for remotely control our alarm systems. The new alarm system app allow user to control GSM800, G series alarm systems remotely, you can Arm (activate) and Disarm (De-activate) your security system with just a swipe of a screen.also it supports schedule ARM/Disarm the system with an Android phone, iPhone, iPad.

alarm system mobile app

We will soon publish the download link for this app.