Unifore released 3G sim alarm systems

April 30, 2014 Unifore is proud to introduce its G60-Ultimate (UTMS version) wireless alarm system - a product designed to work with both 3G/GSM cellular network to provide most reliable alarm wireless transmission. We haven't changed anything on functions for this model, but it adopts new cellular engine UC15 from Quectel.

"Reliablility and flexibility are two important advantages for wireless cellular technologies in alarm industry. The widely used alarm systems are equipped with built-in or backup GSM communicators." said Peter Chen, Unifore Marketing Director. Since the rapid deployment of 3G cellular technology, many users are switching from traditional GSM to 3G. Additionally, we realized some places without GSM cellular signal coverage which limited our users to use the GSM wireless alarm system. We see high demands for 3G compatible wireless alarm systems, and in this vein, Unifore launches the G60-Ultimate UTMS version.

GSM/UTMS cellular connection capability

Different from traditional version of G60-Ultimate, the new UMTS version is equipped with cutting-edge UMTS/GSM cellular module (UC15) from Quectel Wireless Solutions. MC15 is the upgrade version module for migration from GSM to 3G network. Designed to be compatible with Quectel existing GSM/GPRS module in the compact and unified form factor. With help of this new cellular engine, it can allow system take advantages of true worldwide coverage and service flexibility afforded by the combination of the two most prevalent cellular technologies worldwide.

GSM/UMTS alarm systems

Supporting 3G/GSM SIM card

Are you searching for alarm system works with 3G SIM only? This is right system for you. It can run with 3G only compatible SIM card, also with back compatibility for GSM. What does this mean? It means you can still use the cellular communication features even the installation place only covers with 3G signal. Furthermore, it provides wide selection cellular service operators which can allow user to choose the optimized prepaid SIM plans.

Features introduction for G60-Ultimate

As we stated above, the UTMS version has same functions of previous GSM version. Herein we are pleased to introduce this reliable and best wireless alarm system for you. G60-Ultimate is new generation alarm for do-it-yourself installation, also supports either monitored alarm or self-monitoring. Besides its cellular functionality, this alarm can also connect to your existing telephone line for alarm transmission. This model can totally support up to 116 pieces separate wireless sensors which provide intrusion detection, fire, gas leak, flood, CO. Furthermore, this model has built-in temperature sensor, enable the system to monitor temperature, and even can send you temperature alert message in SMS.

GSM/UMTS alarm system

This model with elegant design, white and black color for your selection. G60-Ultimate has big dimension vivid LCD display, embedded with user-friendly menu system for intuitive operation. Additionally, it has touch keypad design, fully accessible and controllable for functions. Allowing user to program up to five different phone numbers for receiving alarm notification. Alarm notification either through auto dialing phone call or sending text message alert, also it has microphone and speaker, supporting two-way voice communication, it also can allow user to make "hand-free" phone call, and pickup phone call. Lastly, this model is compatible with Contact ID protocol, it can link into alarm receiving center (CMS).

Introduction to UMTS cellular network

UMTS is the abbreviation for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, it's 3rd generation cellular systems for networks based on traditional GSM network. This standard can back compliant with traditional GSM, easy to allow mobile devices migrating from GSM to 3G network. Please note that UMTS offers several different UTMS terrestrial Radio Access (UTRA) including W-CDMA, TD-CDMA, TD-SCDMA. Among them, W-CDMA (UTMS2100) is the most widely deployed UMTS band. In US, W-CDMA bands are 1710-1755MHz and 2110-2155MHz, also some cellular service provides use the 850MHz and 1900MHz bands for 3G connection.

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