What is gsm alarm system ?

Since the world economy in deep recession and european countries are suffering the debt crisis. Security field are hit badly. Especially for the home monitoring service, like ADT. Now people are more and more preferring the self-monitoring alarm system. self-monitoring alarm means without monitoring service from the company, you don't need to sign the contract, and your house or premise under your monitoring and control.

Compared to normal alarm system using telephone line, GSM alarm system are the hottest type among the self-monitoring alarm system. The reason is GSM network covered every corner of country, most of houses don't use the telephone line any more, instead they use GSM phone. GSM alarm not only can make a voice phone call, but also can send short message (SMS). In addition, GSM alarm system is suitable for the mobile situation (car, boat...etc).

GSM wireless alarm systemNew GSM wireless alarm system
The new wireless alarm system with GSM, aesthetics design with LCD and touch keypad, advanced features 30 wireless zones, 8 hardwired zones, suitable for home, office, commercial building.
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GSM alarm systemGSM wireless alarm system-G70D
Advanced GSM wireless alarm systems contains 30 wireless zones and 8 hardwired zones, with LCD display and smart touch keypad design, suitable for home and business as intrusion, fire, flood, gas leak detection and more.
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How GSM alarm works ?

Many people are wondering how GSM alarm works, and may have doubts on the functions. GSM alarm system built-in GSM communication module inside, work as a mobile handset. After purchased the GSM alarm system, people need to purchase the SIM card, and select the mobile service package. GSM alarm system can program several phone numbers for alarm receiving. When any abnormal event happens, the system will response, then inform the owner via voice call and short message (SMS).

Useful tips for GSM alarm.

When purchase the GSM alarm, it's better to choose the GSM + PSTN alarm systems. These alarm systems support both GSM and Telephone line for alarm transmission. The alarm systems may try to use the telephone line for auto dialing, if it failed, it will use the GSM.

When select the service package from mobile network service provider, pick up the package without monthly rent fee, cost only per call or short message is better. That means you just need to pay the alarm call and short message fees.

GSM alarm system can work 3G ?

Most of countries are covered with 3G network and 2G network. GSM means 2G. If the alarm system are supporting GSM900/1800/1900 MHz, then they can work in your place, even there is 3G network. For example: USA with 3G network, but GSM alarm system can still work in USA. The reason is USA with 2G network under the GSM frequency of 1900MHz.

How to know my GSM alarm is working ?

It's easy to test the GSM alarm is working or not. The easy thing is to test the alarm system after correct programming, and trigger the alarm, people will get auto dialing call or short message (SMS). Advanced GSM alarm system with LCD to display GSM signal. The other option is try to call the GSM alarm system using mobile phone or telephone. If you received the response of phone is power off or out of service, that means the GSM alarm is not working.

GSM alarm system are not reliable with  high false alarm rate?

It's not true that GSM alarm with more false alarm than other type of alarm system. If you ask any technical people about the false alarm, the answer is false alarm can not terminated, but can be reduced. In order to reduce the false alarm, people need to try to use high quality detectors. The false alarm are not related to the control panel. Try to use more window/door magnetic contact switches, few PIR Motion detector can reduce the false alarm. When house with pets, try to use the true pet-immune PIR Motion detector. What's the true pet-immune PIR motion detector. Mostly of pet-immune PIR motion detectors with dual tech or tri tech design to reduce the false alarm and support pet-immune functions.

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