Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Siren High Decibel Alarm

Tamper protection hardwired outdoor security siren
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Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Siren

We offer IP55 rated outdoor hardwired strobe siren to protect additional security for your security equipment. The product can work with hardwired alarm systems, fire alarm panels, access controllers, home automation systems or even DVR/NVR video surveillance systems. In addition to provide high volume audible warning (115 decibel at 1m) which utilizing professional piezo siren, it has LED flash lights to provide visual warning.

Comparing regular alarm siren products, our hardwired strobe siren has built-in rechargeable battery pack design, it enables device to operate even encounter power failure. It also can supervise cable connection. Once cable is cut or malfunction of alarm system, the siren will trigger an alarm. Furthermore, the product has tamper protection design, can trigger an alarm when product is dismantled.

Strobe siren plays a big part in helping get emergency services to you. IF a break in is in progress, the outdoor alarm siren will help alert your neighbors of an emergency. This also helps scare away burglars when they hear the alarm go off is emergency services have been dispatched to your home, your alarm will help them identify your home.

This 30W outdoor siren and strobe light is a powerful strobe siren comes with two 115db piezo sirens increases the protection of your alarm system and providing an additional deterrent to potential thieves for your perimeter alarm systems. It has built-in rechargeable battery pack, it sill works even encounter external power failure, or connecting wires are cut purposely by intruders/thieves. 

Main Features:
Highly resistant PC housing, UV prevention
Twin piezo sounders with 115DB at 1M
Single piezo sounder is optional
Positive/negative siren trigger
Positive/negative strobe trigger
Battery Backup
Len colors in Red, Orange, Blue.
LED diagnosis indication
CE approved

Technical Parameters:

Backup Battery Outdoor Siren
Operating Voltage: DC9-15V
Current Consumption Standby: 280mA (alarm + strobe) 10mA
Siren Output: 115dB @ 1m
Flash Rate: LED, 60 times/min
Backup Battery: 7.2V/500mAh NiMH
IP Rating: IP-65
Dimensions: 250L*155W*65Hmm
Package: 20pcs/Ctn
LEN Colors: Red, Orange, Blue

Strobe Siren Gallery

Outdoor hardwired security strobe siren
Outdoor hardwired security strobe siren
Outdoor hardwired security strobe siren

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    Can this model set time function?


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