Mini Active Infrared Beam Sensor

Mini Active Infrared Beam Sensor
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Mini compact size design, single beam active infrared sensor, offering reliable and accurate detection for versatile applications. It utilizes the frequency 1.92KHz infrared to guard up to 45 feet distance (If sensor is installed outside, the detection range may reduce 30% during weather conditions including rain, fog..etc).

This black color mini beam sensor consist of one receiver and one transmitter. Both of them are working under voltage of DC12V, >=20mA, they have jumper design to allow user choose different infrared frequency, also supporting NC (normal open) and NO (normal close) alarm outputs. Through using the relay output, this device can be connected into any other electric devices such as alarm system, access control, DVR system or IP cameras.

VSO-15 is single active infrared beam sensor with condenser lens, which enable user to create invisible barrier around  the premises for detection purpose. It offers long  range and reliable detection, also has low power consumption design.

Main features

  • Active infrared beam technology
  • Black aesthetic compact design
  • Invisible infrared detection up to 45 feet
  • Alignment LED design for easy installation
  • Frequency select-able through jumpers
  • Alarm relay NC/NO output
  • Mini design for less intrusive installation
  • Working voltage DC12V
  • IP55 rated design

Mini Active Infrared Beam Sensor

Please note that the distance between transmitter and receiver should be not less than 2 meters. Infrared sensor should be wall mounted vertically and in the same parallel position. You need to install the receiver first, then the transmitter. When both of them are in same parallel position, the alignment LED on receiver will turn OFF.

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Technical information

Operating voltage: DC12V
Consumption current: less than 30mA(DC12V)
Operating temperature: -10°+50°
Installation mode: Wall mounted
Installation height: Above 20cm
Detecting distance: 45 feet
Wave frequency 1.92KHz
Wave length 940nm
Alarm output: N.C./N.O.
Rate 1A Max 36V
Dimension: 70*28*28mm

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