Fire Alarm Security Wired Heat Detector

Hardwired Heat/Temperature Detector for Fire Alarm
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Name: Network Wired Heat Detector
Model: VS-H100

We provide high quality fire alarm temperature/heat detector for detecting fire hazards. The detector has alarm output can work with hardwired intrusion alarm panels and fire alarm panels. We provide 2-wires and 4-wires two different type of detector. The detector is designed to detect temperature uprising, it triggers an emergency fire alarm when detected heat temperature reaches up to 57 Celsius degree (137F). The detector also comes with LED indicator will keep flashing in event of fire alarm.

Although the detector can support normal open and normal close connection. We recommend users to wire detectors via normal close. Because fire hazard typically will cause power disconnection. The product support 9-35V wide range of operating voltage, to be compatible with different power supply systems. Please note this detector doesn’t allow users to set temperature threshold. This heat detector is suitable to protect indoor rooms, one detector can cover 60-80 square meters area. It should be part of your home security system that not only deter intruders and against burglary, but also protect your house from fire hazards.

Download Heat Detector in PDF: Click here !

Main Features

Fixed temperature heat detector
Power-off reset
Low standby current
9-35VDC wide voltage
Dual led for 360°visibility
Relay output
SMT adopted, high stability

Technical Parameter

Operating voltage:DC 9V~35V
Static current:55uA
Alarm current:30mA(12VDC)
Alarm output: relay output
Temperature trip point: 135°F (57°)
Operating temperature:-10° ~50°
Operating humidity: 95% RH
Alarm indication:LED continuously emitting red light
Demension size: 100 mm dia.*55mm deep

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