Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch for Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Sys

Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch for Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Sys
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Unifore is proud to provide you a newly designed wireless magnetic contact switch for intrusion detection of your house or office. The product can work with our wireless alarm monitoring system. You're able to customize your own system according to your requirement. The wireless magnetic contact switch uses CR2032 button battery which can last 2 years. It's better than conventional wireless magnetic contact which usually uses 12V 23A type battery (energy drain within 3 months). In addition to support open detection, it also can support close detection. If a door/window is not closed, the alarm system will remind home owners to check before arming the system. Moreover, it supports low-voltage alert to let you replace battery in time. It has tamper-switch design to alert users when product is dismantled by intruders.

VS-XWMC can detect opening of any door or window. The magnet can be installed on the door or window while the transmitter can be installed on the frame. When the magnet moves away from the transmitter more than 1/2" distance, the transmitter emits a signal to the alarm main unit to set off the alarm.

Main Features

  • Wireless signal transmission
  • Generally set in Perimeter zone or Motion zone
  • If any door or window is opened, it will transmit the alarm signals to the alarm host
  • Sensor trigger and low voltage indication by LED indicator
  • Easy installation
  • Compact size
  • CE, RoHS & FCC certified

Technical Parameters

Operating voltage: DC3V (CR2032 button battery)
Standby current: <=5uA
Transmitting current: <=15mA
Battery life: 2 years
Transmitting Freq.: 433.92MHz
Sending distance: 200m (in the open area)
Code mode: learning code, rolling code

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