Wireless Security Ceiling 360° PIR Motion Sensor

Wireless Security Ceiling 360° PIR Motion Sensor
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Wireless Ceiling PIR Motion Sensor
Model: VS-WX100

VS-WX300 is a wireless security detector can provide 360 degree interior burglary detection capability. The product employs high-performance dual-element passive Infrared motion sensor which can effectively detect potential criminals, the product has 4.5m (height) * 8m (wide) detecting scope coverage can provide 360 degree detection and leaving no blind spots. Unlike conventional wide angle PIR motion sensor, this ceiling type PIR is suitable for indoor room, the UFO like shape design makes it more easier to blend house decoration.

It’s a wireless security detector can communicate with wireless alarm panels through RF 433MHz. The wireless transmission coverage is up to 200m in open area space environment. The product utilizes two regular 1.5V AA batteries to operate, this solves problem that most regular ceiling PIR motion sensors use 9V 6F22 battery only lasts for 6 months, VS-WX300 ceiling PIR can work up to 24 months, doesn’t require you to replace batteries regularly.

Like our other PIR motion security detectors, it supports high and low level sensitivity adjustment by set DIP switch on circuit board. It also has detection pulse settings to effectively filter false alarms caused by pests.

Main Features

  • 360 degree no blind spots detection scope coverage
  • Built-in fresnel lens technology
  • Powered by 2*1.5V AA batteries
  • Digital signal analysis for consistent detection
  • Detection angle: 4.5m(H) * 8m
  • Low power indication design
  • low power consumption and long battery life
  • Auto temperature compensation

Technical Parameters

Power supply
2*1.5V AA (“alkaline battery")
Static Current less than 35uA
Alarm current
less than 15mA
Infrared sensor
Dual element, high sensitivity, low noise
Mounting Method
wall or corner  mounted with bracket
Radio frequency
Radio distance
200m (open area)
Alarm indicator
Red/Blue LED
Detection angle
4.5 * 8m, 360 degree
Installation method
wall mounted or hanged in corner with mount bracket
Installation height
max. 4m
Environment humidity
<=95% RH
Pulse count
1 / 2 , selectable
Temperature -10°C~50°C(14°F~122°F)

Customer Feedback (2)

  • paulo santos

    paulo santos

    26 February 2018 at 14:27 | #

    Agradeço informação para comprar em portugal ou em outro lugar wireless outdoor pet-immune motion sensor model VS-T1 para substituir os que já tenho a trabalhar mas que estão danificados obrigado pela atenção


  • Kee Guan Chye

    Kee Guan Chye

    07 June 2018 at 04:54 | #


    Which product would you suggest if I am keen on WIRELESS SECURITY PIR MOTION SENSOR that I can get alert on my smart phone. I prefer NO alert at the point of WIRELESS SECURITY PIR MOTION SENSOR.



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