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Outdoor 1080p PTZ bullet camera

6 reasons why you should buy PTZ bullet camera for outdoor video surveillance

As one of new type of security camera, mini PTZ bullet camera becomes more and more popular among both DIY and professional users. The reason is obvious mini PTZ bullet camera provides additional function and advantages that other types of camera don’t. Here we compile a list that including advantages of PTZ bullet camera over other types of security camera.

1. Cost-effective

PTZ camera can replace multiple cameras to cover entire area. It reduces the number of camera to be installed which in turn greatly reduce the budget over equipment and installation. Unlike traditional PTZ camera usually adopts dome shape design and the product is large and heavy, PTZ bullet camera is light and it’s as small as common bullet camera that is easy to carry and to be installed. The price of our mini PTZ bullet camera is much lower than traditional PTZ dome cameras, you may spend several hundred US dollars to buy PTZ speed dome camera, but our mini PTZ bullet camera costs less than fifty bucks.

2. Pan/Tilt/Zoom

Unifore PTZ bullet camera adopts patent step-motor structure; it provides 0-180 degree horizontal rotation and 0-55 degree vertical rotation capability. It also supports preset positions which enable users to set camera to automatically monitor certain area. Our mini PTZ bullet camera has a small zoom lens providing 4x optical zoom capability, its smallest focal length is 2.8mm, which enabling camera to fit wide viewing requirement. Not only heavy and big size, traditional PTZ camera comes with a big lens that commonly views long distance area for instance 100-1000 meters. As a result, most PTZ dome camera actually is not suitable for indoor video surveillance application. When comparing most PTZ dome camera, our mini PTZ camera is more suitable for indoor and outdoor video surveillance.

3. Motion detection & smart tracking

By employing software algorithm, our mini PTZ bullet camera offers smart function including motion detection and auto-tracking. When camera detects moving suspect, it can instantly alert security operators/users and record video clips as well. Auto-tracking function can help security operators to automatically track moving suspects. When suspect enters into monitored area, it can follow the suspect to ensure it won’t miss important details.

Outdoor PTZ camera functions

4. 2-Way audio intercom

In past, almost all outdoor security cameras don’t support audio function, the reason deprives from fully-sealed design of product. But now our smart mini PTZ bullet camera overcomes the problem, it has built-in microphone and speaker to support audio monitoring and recording. It also offers 2-way audio intercom function. Users are able to see, listen and talk remotely through smartphone anywhere anytime.

5. Up to 128GB memory card storage

Edge storage is crucial for most video surveillance application; it helps users to record video without using an additional network video recorder. It records video to built-in memory card even encountering network disruption or outage. Unifore PTZ bullet camera supports max. 128GB memory card for edge video storage. Most importantly, it adopts a new user-friendly design which allows users to insert or take memory card out easily (without disassemble the camera).

6. Scalable

First of all, it’s a professional camera allows users to access it through web browser. Users are able to tweak each settings of the camera such as image parameter (brightness, hue, contrast, gamma), image 90/270°rotation, WDR ON/OFF, video codec (H.264, H.265, resolution, frame rate), alarm output (FTP, Email), network and more. The camera complies Onvif specification, it’s able to seamlessly work with NVR/VMS from third-party. It includes RTSP protocol can send video stream to other network devices such as NAS (Synology, Qnap), home automation sys, access control sys, multi-media system.

Order Information

  • HS-SLB425IAP-C36: Mstar MSC313E + SC2135, H.265/H.264, 3.6mm fixed lens, microSD card slot, Ethernet
  • HS-SLB425IAP-C13: Mstar MSC313E + SC2135, H.265/H.264, 2.8-12mm motorized zoom lens, microSD card slot, Ethernet
  • HS-SLB425IJP-C36-WF: Hi3518EV200 + SC2135, H.264, 3.6mm, Ethernet + Wi-Fi
  • HS-SLB425IJP-C13-WF: Hi3518EV200 + SC2135, H.264, 2.8-12mm, Ethernet + Wi-Fi
  • HS-SLB425IJ1P-C13-WF:Hi3518EV200 + SC2135, H.264, 2.8-12mm, Ethernet + Wi-Fi, microSD card slot
  • HS-SLB425IJ1P-C36-WF: Hi3518EV200 + SC2135, H.264, 3.6mm, Ethernet + Wi-Fi, microSD card slot

Product specification: HS-SLB425IAP-C13