720p HD security camera system

720P security camera system for home, office, business

If you are considering to secure your residence, office, business or property but can't decide on a surveillance technology, look no further! HD IP/Network, is ideal for anyone in need of a high definition security camera system that is intelligent, user-friendly, and high definition while remaining cost effective. As the leading network cameras manufacturer - Unifore, is willing to recommend you the hot selling 720p HD network camera system - STD D1201-B. This system can not only deliver true HD 720p video, but also work with security sensors to offer additional burglar protection for your property.

720p HD video quality:

IP/Network camera system is capable of bringing you crystal clear 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution. Network cameras can transmit high definition video streams on the Internet. D1201-B utilizes a 1.0 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor to capture HD images with 720p resolution. The camera is able to see things vividly with high clarity and detail in real time that can't be found with traditional CCTV camera systems.

Easy to setup, watch live video instantly

One of the best things about D1201B is how it is easy to setup and install. You don't have to connect with a network video recorder. No need to worry about the complex network setting. Using an Ethernet cable connect camera to your router, it will start to work. Simply download and install CoT Pro App in your smartphone, then you can instantly access camera and watch HD live video. Alternatively, you can scan QR code to set WiFi connection. Furthermore, it has built-in micro-SD/TF card slot, user can insert a 32G/64G/128G microSD/TF card into camera to record/store HD video footage.

Remote Pan & Tilt, play with your camera:

D1201-B is a pan & tilt camera, it is equipped with a 3.6 millimeter lens, supports 355 degree pan rotation and 120 degree tilt rotation. Ultimately offer you the largest video viewing angle. Swiping on video screen, you can rotate the camera as you want. Additionally, there are two infra-red illuminators to provide night vision. Don't underestimate its performance, they can provide max. 10-15 meter IR distance. Using the CoT Pro App, you can watch HD video, listen the sound or even talk since the network camera has built-in microphone and speaker.

Wireless video + alarm system:

It's not a merely conventional network cameras, it's a smart camera that allows you to setup a complete video + alarm monitoring system. This camera combines HD video monitoring and intrusion monitoring together. It works with up to 64 wireless security sensors. Users can choose different security sensors including wireless door/window sensors, wireless PIR motion sensors, wireless smoke sensors etc. Using the smartphone App, you can arm/disarm system. Additionally, it has included one small remote control. Leaving home, activate the camera system, your home is protected by advanced HD camera system + alarm monitoring system. No need to use telephone line, no monitoring contract. Once an alarm occurs, the camera will turn on its built-in sounder to deter intruders, meanwhile send alarm alerts (push notification + email) to home owners.

Thinking its not sufficient? you can choose to install our wireless alarm system. Because they can work together. You will get a professional wireless alarm system while offers you HD video monitoring. It's pretty awesome.

Multiple network cameras monitoring

Considering setup several IP cameras? D1201-B comes with free video management software - CMSClient. This software allows you to manage up to 64 network cameras on your PC. This software provides preview, record, audio intercom, PTZ, remote setup etc functions. Additionally, this camera complies ONVIF standard, it works with any ONVIF compliant network video recorders and VMSs from over 200 manufacturers.

High quality security camera

STD D1201-B includes one network camera, one wireless magnetic contact, one remote control, as well as ceiling mount installation bracket and a standard USB AC/DC adapter (Input 100-240V AC, Output 5V 2A DC), an guide leaflet. Installation of this system is straightforward, placing the camera to anywhere, then using the included double-side adhesive tape to mount the door/window sensor on the door/window that you want to protect. If you don't know how to install the door/window magnetic contact, you can watch the following video.

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Product details

STD D1201-B
Items included in STD D1201-B
STD D1201-B
D1201-B 720P Pan&Tilt Network Camera
STD D1201-B
Insert a micro-SD/TF card
Wireless magnetic contact
Wireless magnetic contact (VS-KWMC)
Wireless magnetic contact
Remove the installation bracket
Wireless remote control
Wireless remote control

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