Ambarella H3 8K SoC

Advantages of Ambarella SoC in megapixel network cameras.

Ambarella Inc is a global leading HD video solution provider, the company specializes in offering low power, HD video compression and processing solution. It’s the exclusive solution provider for GoPro sports & action cameras, also one of core image processor supplier in Hikvision and Dahua network cameras. 

January, 2017, the company has introduced two new SoC chipsets that have the capability to shoot ultra high definition video. H3 is an industry-leading high performance processor that has the capability to capture 8K UHD 30fps video streams, or offering 4K 60fps 360° VR video by utilizing dual image sensor input.  In addition to compete in market of sports & action, portable cameras, the company has a complete product portfolio dedicated to IP security camera applications. Until 2017, the company has already have A2, A5S, A7, A7L, A9, S2, S2L, S2LM, S3, S3L, S5 processors based on H.264 and H.265 video compression. If comparing other rivals (e.g. Hisilicon, Texas Instrument, Goke), what the advantages does Ambarella have?

Low-power, higher image quality

Ultra power efficient multicore processor architecture is the core advantage what the Ambarella has. Leveraging innovative algorithm, flexible efficient CPU architecture, the SoC can deliver higher image quality video under low power consumption condition, by virtue of this technology, Ambarella becomes the benchmark in HD video industry. Not surprisingly, Ambarella keeps introducing many remarkable SoCs that offer astonishing video performance capability in every year.

Advanced image processing

The image from each cameras comes from image signal processor which handles raw signals captured by a image sensor. Ambarella inventively combined advanced image processing technologies with high speed pixel processing, high dynamic range enhancement (e.g. multi-exposure HDR), and digital noise reduction to ensure the color accuracy of video. After several generation improvement, the camera equipped with Ambaralla SoC is able to provide crystal clear and high clarity image with true color reproduction. Ambaralla SoCs offer extraordinary performance in image quality, not only caters the demands from consumer digital cameras, but also the professional IP security cameras.

H.264 codec and SmartHEVC 

Ambaralla’s reputed H.264 codec, can reduce the bitrate while without compromising image quality, it enables your storage device to store more videos, and reduce the bandwidth consumption, allowing your camera to deliver smooth HD video over constrained network speed. However, merely relying on a successful H.264 codec may not be suitable to every fields. Building on its rich experience in high quality broadcast video field, integrating with H.264/H.265 technology and innovative algorithm, Ambarella offer customized solution to diversity applications. Ambarella H.265 series SoC offers smartHEVC, which can lower 50% bitrate and cut bandwidth and storage cost in half. It’s a very valuable proposition for customers.

Cloud storage and analytics

Ambarella has incorporated smart analytics into SoC’s design, it’s now cooperating with third-party software vendors to provide video doorbell camera solution works with theirs cloud platform with integrated face recognition. Face recognition for example can provide higher security and convenience; the camera can automatically recognize people’s face, only registered persons are permitted entry without using a key or smartphone. 

As most household network cameras are powered by batteries, it’s vital important to extend the battery life by cutting power consumption. Ambaralla has combined smart video analytics and power consumption design together. For example, Ambaralla S3L based cameras can be battery powered, it’s asleep in most of time, only wakes up when the image sensor detects something. This design requires the CPU can quickly boot (the system can turn on in less than 500ms) and starts to analyze what’s happening.  By employing the groundbreaking video analytics algorithm, it can filter out false alarms, caused by flying birds or moving tree branches.  In conclusion, smart video analytics can make the video monitoring become smart and efficient.

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