Alarm trends-GSM alarm system with home automation

Since the Apple company launched iPhone, iPad into market, now security industry experienced huge changes on the product's designing. Many security manufacturers shifted their design to follow the new trends which apple products brings to security industry. Even world economy in deep recession, it doesn't help on selling of cheap products, people are still preferring buy advanced security alarm systems.

Tablet alarm system is not the future trend

Just few years ago, if you want buy the alarm system, the security company will present to you with heavy metal cabinet alarm panel. Yes, the system looks very strong and reliable, but installation and programming is headache for some users, especially for those people are not use any alarm system before. Now since the introduction of wireless technology on alarm system. Majority of alarm systems are adopting the GSM cellular technology, the all-in-one alarm system is hot selling in every DIY alarm market. 

Do you got tablet iPad ? soon you can see and buy lots of table alarm systems with very competitive and affordable price. Table alarm system with very aesthetic appearance, with portable features, you can put the alarm system in anywhere in your house,  wall mounted or desk standing. Table alarm system will not ruin your decoration, it's blending into your home decorations.

gsm touch screen alarm system

GSM cellular replace the telephone line as mainstream for alarm monitoring

Alarm system with telephone line as alarm monitoring dominated alarm market for decades. Now GSM cellular replace the telephone line as mainstream for alarm monitoring. Nowadays few user will choose the alarm use the telephone line. With GSM cellular technology, not only increase the reliability of alarm transmission, but also offering cordless installation and advanced remotely control functions.

Alarm system with TCP/IP or internet connection appears into market. Why the internet alarm monitoring can not be next trend in home security ? The reason is internet connection sounds fancy,  reality is the internet connection is vulnerable just same as telephone line. Intruder can cut your internet connection to disable your home alarm immediately. What worse is the internet will down, if your electricity is OFF, as well as out of service of internet from ISP.

Do you still need the alarm with internet connection ?  You can bet money on it.

Touch interface is essential for user-friendly operation

Several months ago, some famous alarm system manufacturer shows its new design touch keypad for working with alarm systems. Now you can find touch screen tablet alarm system in the market. You don't need to spend hundred dollars on just purchasing touch screen keypad, now you can buy a whole touch screen alarm system with just hundred dollars. 

Touch is not just luxury experience on operation, it seems electronics without touch interface is not electronics. Alarm system without touch interface will be weird.

Home automation is another important for alarm

Home automation is fancy features for alarm system in my opinion. Just like your smart phone with hundreds of App, you just use it after firstly installed in your cellphone. So why it will be an important features for alarm ? The reason is security company can put this function into alarm without add much cost, user can afford to buy these alarm with home automation function. Home automation system is high tech gadgets, people likely to choose alarm with home automation, if the price is same like tradition alarm.

Alarm system with home automation will allow user to remotely control the home appliance, even read the energy consumption monthly data. More advanced home automation may combine with smart phone applications.

GSM automation alarm system

iPhone, Android mobile application for alarm

I include this as less important, because if the system expose to internet or mobile application, the security system will be vulnerable, just think if you lost your mobile phone, and people can either disable your system or control your home appliance. I don't know how big deal on the security, but many users are interested in mobile phone apps, thus many alarm manufacturer or security company launch different apps.  With help of mobile app, user can program, setup, control the alarm systems, also can check the alarm event log...etc. 

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