Discover the GSM Alarm Systems

Now alarm system goes wireless, everybody want to install an wireless alarm system on protecting premises. It's true wireless technology is not only reliable and increase flexibility, but also reduce the installation cost and free-maintenance. We make this conclusion, not just because the mere factor of we are security company, all statistics and trends show this, thus we herein write this article to discover the GSM alarm system without any bias.

Introduction of GSM alarm system

It's obvious that majority of wireless alarm systems are integrated with wireless GSM cellular technology, either for cellular monitoring by security company or self-monitoring by end-users. In summary, wireless alarm systems with GSM communicator (it's integrated into alarm panel in most case), it communicates with security company or you via GSM cellular network. 

Compared to traditional alarm requires telephone line, GSM alarm system just need to use an paid SIM card. You may ask which kind of SIM card for the GSM alarm system? It is just a normal cellphone SIM card for your cellphone, or 3G SIM card can back compatible with GSM.  You can either choose prepaid SIM card or Pay As You Go SIM card.

Ok that's great! What are the benefits for the wireless technology?

Firstly, easy installation and reduce cost. Wireless technology makes all sensors and accessories communicating system via wireless radio frequency(RF), this makes alarm installation without any cable wiring or construction work, also it saves huge money on installation, because you can Do-it-yourself, even you are not technician or electronics amateur.

Secondly, without telephone line. You can move the alarm system in anywhere your house. If you rent the apartment, when you plan to leave, you even can take off the system and re-installed it to your new apartment. 

Lastly, some GSM alarm systems can run totally self-monitoring, that means the alarm system will go directly to you, not the security company. In self-monitoring, you don't need sign any long term monthly monitoring contract, and pay zero money on monitoring. By the way, alarm system with GSM feature support SMS alert, this is good option is you don't want to pick up the phone call. This sounds awesome.

Showcase of alarm systems based on GSM

30 Wireless zone GSM alarm systemGSM Alarm G70-Ultimate
Wireless alarm systems based on GSM, full features including detect intrusion,fire, gas leak and flood.30 wireless zones, maximum 116 units wireless sensors, suitable for residential, office, and other commercial building for purpose of security protection.
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3.6mm fixed lens dome cameraGSM Alarm G70F-GT
Advanced wireless alarm systems based on GSM, comes with big LCD display and touch keypad, alarm system embedded with user-friendly menu, full features and supporting 30 wireless zones, and ideal for residential, warehouse, shop and other applications.
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Key features

  • No telephone line required, running on GSM, totally wireless
  • Easy installation, DIY without compromise on performance and stability
  • Fully access and control for the alarm system, even without monitoring fee
  • Nice elegant alarm panel with aesthetics design, blending into your home decoration
  • LCD display and touch keypad operation and setup
  • Wireless zones, sensor powered by long-life battery, no any wiring required
  • Up to 5 emergency numbers, ensure alarm notification
  • Audio phone call and short message (SMS) alarm notification
  • Reliable wireless sensors with lowest false alarm rate
  • Contact ID compatible, working with CMS


 GSM technologyADEMCO Contact ID technology


Alarm system consists of different detection sensors and accessories. With varies kinds sensors, the system can achieve different functions. There are three major kinds of sensors; intrusion detection, fire detection, panic and other abnormal event detection sensors (such as flood, freeze and more).

A standard alarm kit contain below items:

Wireless magnetic door sensorWireless Magnetic Contact Sensor
Most reliable and widely used intrusion detection sensor, easy install and usage.Magnetic contact are suitable for any doors and windows installation. Sensing open and close of doors and windows for intrusion detection. This is adheresive type magnetic contact.
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Wireless PIR motion sensorWireless PIR Motion Sensor
Protecting large space detect the human movement. With wide detection angel from 90-110 degree. The PIR motion sensor can "see" the infrared level changes for the environment. Normal PIR motion sensors are also sensitive pets, ensure install it properly and with correct usage.
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Wireless strobe sirenWireless Strobe Siren
A loud siren is essential for every alarm systems. Wireless strobe siren not only can make noise warning sound and strobe light to deterrent intruders, but also can alert home owner and neighbors for abnormal events.
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Wireless Remote ControlWireless Remote Control
Wireless keychain, keyfob, or remote control. This is an wireless remote control with function of activate and de-activate the system. Good quality remote control with more function, such as panic button, two-way communication.
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Why you should not buy GSM alarm?

Let's go deeply on discovering the GSM alarm system. Herein we provide some tips that you should not buy the GSM alarm.

  1. For properly running of GSM alarm, it requires the installation place with good GSM signal, thus if your place without GSM signal coverage or weak GSM signal coverage, you should not buy the GSM alarm system.
  2. You may find an alarm system just cost you like a cup of coffee, it's too cheap. We don't recommend you to try these alarms, it's not worth the money, more over waste your valuable time.
  3. If you need the home automation function, then you should stay away from Made in China GSM alarm system. Because currently no GSM alarm system can support home automation function. We know "z-wave" technology is famous among home automation, it's good strategy to integrate "Z-wave" technology in GSM alarm systems.

Future of GSM alarm system

It's so hard to predict the future, even we know some prediction may go wrong. "Tablet GSM alarm" will be the new trend for the home security system, especially with home automation functions. Many famous security companies already pushed these product into market during these two years.  Alarm system with integration of "z-wave" wireless technology is the manifestation of future of security alarm system. In summary, wireless alarm with table touch interface, GSM communication, and "Z-wave" home automation is the future products of GSM alarm.

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