IoT Network Camera - RemoCam

Full HD 1080p Home Network Camera Remocam PRO

Remocam, a startup company in California, the company will bring its latest product - Remocam PRO into the CES 2016 Las Vegas global consumer electronics tradeshow. Remocam PRO is a full HD 1080p network camera for home security and social sharing, as well as convenient smart home control. It's the upgraded version of its predecessor Remocam.

Full HD 1080p IoT IP Camera - Remocam PRO
Full HD 1080p IoT IP Camera - Remocam PRO

Full HD 1080p Video Resolution

The cylinder appearance design Remocam PRO comes with a full HD 1080p video hardware design, incorporated with Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor for security purpose and a high definition lens, this camera can deliver 1080p full HD videos and pictures, allow user to monitor home with clarity. It has built-in WiFi module and standard RJ45 port to support both wireless and wired network connection.

Environment monitoring

Compared with conventional HD network cameras, Remocam PRO has built-in weather sensors including temperature sensor and humidity sensor, air quality sensor. Relying on these sensors, the camera can collect the environment data and being displayed on smartphone remotely.

Home appliances control through IR blaster

Make your home a smart home, the Remocam PRO can be inserted an IR blaster, so that you can control any of your home appliances that come with a remote control. For example, you can turn ON/OFF your TV, switch channels, even adjust the TV's volume.

Remote Pan & Tilt rotation

Remocam PRO also supports remote pan & tilt, you can remotely pan 335 ˚/ tilt 95˚ to control the camera's viewing angle. Equipped with speaker and microphone built-in, you can listen and speak on demand, interact with your family and pets. The speaker also can be used as the siren to make yelling to alert those who are home, or to scare off an intruder.

Cloud storage plan and on-board storage

In terms of video storage, users can choose Cloud storage service or using the on-board storage. Remocam Pro has the microSDHC card slot which can take a 128GB microSDHC card for local video recording.  The Remocam App is available for both Android and iPhone. The price of this new product is still unknown, we also can't find the product information on Remocam's official website. 

Remocam is the first IoT IP security camera. 

Remocam does two things for your home: 

  1. Innovative security monitoring 
  2. Remote-control function for your electronic devices. 

Remocam provides an innovative video monitoring solution for pet, baby, home or office. The easy-setup, high quality IP camera delivers crystal clear surveillance video to your smartphone, tablet . Moreover, Remocam can control any electronic device, which comes with remote controller, such as TV or pet feeder via smartphone, tablet or PC.

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