Full HD 1080P IP Camera SNB-6004P SAMSUNG review

As one of famous brands with famous global recognition, Samsung's products are famous with its extraordinary performance, aesthetic design, and easy to use, as well as high stability. Moreover, it launches products with different technologies to allow them work in different light illumination environment and installation scenes, for example, its superb wide dynamic range feature and low illumination, advanced video analysis features...etc. Today, we are going to introduce and test the Samsung SNB-6004P full HD 1080 network camera.

SNB-6004P full high definition IP camera (with wide dynamic range function) supports standard C/CS mount manual iris lens, DC auto-iris lens, and P-iris precise iris control lens, we used the P-Iris lens for this testing. Thanks to its Samsung third generation WN3 series SoC (System on Chip), the system with low power consumption and it adopts durable ABS plastic housing to fully meet the needs of installation. After 3 hours continuous running, the temperature of the camera is moderate and stable.

Samsung SNB-6003P IP Camera

Let's take a look at its exterior design, this camera continued the Samsung simple aesthetic design style, the first half of camera was using metal material, and the rest of housing adopts ivory ABS material, giving a sense of classic and elegant design to users.

Samsung SNB-6003P IP Camera Rear Panel

Let's take a look at its rear panel design, we can see this camera has rich types of interfaces, such as Micro SD card slot for local storage (with protection cover design), standard audio input/output, RJ45 Ethernet port (Support PoE function), DIP switch for easy adjustment of camera, also CVBS analog video output, RS485 and Alarm I/O design, as well as dual voltage DC 12V/AC 24V power connector. By the way, it has power and SD card status LEDs design. Different from other IP cameras, Samsung SNB-6003P has one auto-focus button design to simplify the installation process. During this test, we use the PoE switch, and connect camera to PoE switch with single Ethernet cable.

2 megapixel resolution with high clarity

SNB-6004P adopts high performance 1/2.8" progressive scan 2.38 megapixel CMOS image sensor, the total pixel can reach to 1952(H)x1116(V), support 1920×1080,1280×1024,1280×960,1280×720,1024×768,800×600 multiply resolution image output. After the network connection, we are using the Internet Explorer to login its Web server, and enter into setting menu, keep the parameters as default, while changing the resolution to 1080P, fps to 25fps, and bandwidth (bitrate) CBR 4Mbps, to test this camera.

Real color reproduction image

Making the camera target to outside traffic scene, although the weather condition isn't sunny, this camera still can capture high clarity images with trees, streetlight within 200 meters, and the depth of field effect is obvious, then observing the running vehicles, motion is smooth without color distortion.

Samsung SNB-6003P Resolution Test

Stable network performance

Keep the camera's parameters under 1080P@25fps, and bitrate CBR 4Mbps, make the camera target to outside high speed traffic vehicles, then running the bitrate testing software. After a long time observation, this camera can control its bitrate among 3.5-4.5Mbps, network performance is stable. Then move the camera back to indoor scene, and using the step-watch to calculate its video latency, we have found its video delay time is approximate 370-510ms, which is belong to normal range. We are adusting the optical zoom to minimum, and through testing, we can see its horizontal resolution is 1050TVL, and vertical resolution can reach 1000TVL, the edge resolution reaches 900TVL. By the way, using the grayscale card, we can know it has 10 grade grayscale, and using the 24 color test board, this camera can output images with true color reproduction and no colour distortion.

Samsung SNB-6003P Color Test

Diversification scene adaption

This camera supports multiply monitoring functions, we are going to test its wide dynamic range, low illumination and anti-fog features.

Wide dynamic range

SNB-6004P as one of IP camera for commercial applications, it has up to 120dB WDR performance, and also supports Samsung traditional technology - SSDR (Samsung Super Dynamic Range), to improve the adaption of camera under challenging light illumination scenes. To test this feature, we make the camera target to strong lights, manual turn off the WDR function, we can see a whole white part around the light, it's impossible to see the doll. Under the same scene, we turn on the WDR function, this camera automatically adjust its exposure and the doll becomes clear, also this doesn't effect its background clarity.

Samsung SNB-6003P WDR Test

Great low illumination performance

This camera also has a good adaption to low light environments, support automatic and manual day/night switch, through using IR-cut filter, this camera can provide true day/night 24 hours video surveillance; also it supports digital noise reduction, through adopting SSNRIII (2D+3D noise reduction) technology can prevent the noise increasing, and added with AGC (Auto Gain Control) to enhance the overall brightness and resolution.

We use the dark box to simulate the low light environment, put the camera into dark test box, and gradually reduce the brightness of illumination, when the the illumination can't provide sufficient light to allow camera to capture good images, the camera will increase its AGC, and when the illumination decreases to 2.3Lux, the captured images remain clean and without noise; and now it switches to B/W mode to offer clean black and white images. When illumination decreased to 1Lux, we can see images appear with slight noises, but the overall images are still clean, under 0.01Lux, although noise increased, but the doll still visible and it's low illumination is excellent.

Samsung SNB-6003P Low Illumination Test

Excellent defog performance

This camera supports defog (automatic, turn on, turn off, three modes), we use the traditional lens for testing (non-defog lens), completely rely on image signal processing technology to achieve defog feature. Also make the camera target to outdoor traffic road, turn on and turn off the defog function, we can see big difference. When enable the defog function, the camera can improve the image depth, and offering high contrast and vivid color reproduction images.

Samsung SNB-6003P Defog performance

Amazing video analysis function

In addition to above mentioned functions, it also supports smart motion detection, privacy mask, auto scene detection, facial detection, audio motion detection, mirror, remote focus functions.

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