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GSM cellular wireless alarm system for marine yacht boat security

After invest huge amount of money on your lovely boat, it's the time to think how to protect it away from intrusion, fire disaster, as well as flood. We are willing to provide some information about how our GSM security alarm system works in marine yacht boat.

Different from security alarm system work at residential and commercial, the marine yacht boat alarm system must be with features of mobility and portable, wireless, as well as easy to install and operate.

GSM wireless alarm system can keep out the bad guys and prevent intrusion on the vessel. The alarm system can notify users when the boat is on fire or intrusion via voice call and SMS (text message).  A basic marine alarm system includes GSM alarm control panel, wireless magnetic contact, wireless smoke sensor, wireless PIR motion sensor.

GSM marine yacht boat alarm system solution

Marine Control Panel:

The marine control panel is the brain of the security system, it communicate with the sensors via wireless frequency, the control panel with LCD display and keypad, adopts the intuitive menu system, the control panel is very easy to program and operate. The control panel built-in GSM communicator, it can pre-set 5 phone numbers for alarm receiving. When control panel received the alarm signal from sensors, the control panel will set off the 110DB internal siren, then make voice phone call or send text message (SMS) immediately to notify boat owners.

The control panel can work directly with your 12 volt systems. With the reason of adoption of wireless technology, you just need to use two wires connection for installation of GSM marine security system.

The marine control panel should be mounted inside the boat, never mount the control panel near to gas tank, engine and other places where with salt water, high humidity, oil.

Magnetic Contact:

Wireless magnetic contact sensor is the battery powered wireless sensor. The magnetic sensor is the reliable sensor for intrusion detection of access points from doors/windows.  The magnetic contact is mounted on the doors or windows,  when the door and windows of marine boat is opened, the alarm will be triggered immediately. The wireless magnetic contact sensor included with battery which can last for 1 year.

PIR Motion Sensor:

Intrusion is the important function of security alarm systems, Passive Infra-red Motion sensor is able to recognisemovement in a room by detecting the infrared (IR) lightradiating from a subject. Infra-red radiation is invisible for human eye.  When the PIR motion sensor detect the movement inside of room, it will send wireless signal to control panel, alarm will be triggered immediately.

Smoke Detector:

Every residential house should be installed smoke sensors in order to prevent fire disaster. It's same for the marine yacht boat. The smoke sensor is mounted on the ceiling of yacht boat to detect the smoke. In addition, heat detector is another detectors to prevent fire. The heat detector can detect the rapid change of temperature which caused by fire.

GSM Marine Vacht Boat Alarm Kit

Wireless technology1 units 12V GSM control panel

  • Intuitive menu system LCD display
  • Keypad for programming and operation
  • Three working modes
    • Away Arm:All sensors are activated(Day)
    • Stay Arm:Perimeter sensors are activated, Interior sensor are deactivated.(Night or Stay)
    • Disarm:All sensors are deactivated(except panic and fire sensors)
  • 30 wireless zones,8 hard wired zones
  • Maximum support 116 units wireless sensors
  • Can preset 5 phone numbers including central monitoring number and personal number
  • Can record 9 seconds voice message
  • Built-in microphone, support remote voice monitoring
  • Support remote Arm/Disarm in anywhere
  • Built-in GSM communicator
  • Backup rechargeable battery, last for 8 hours

Keyfob remote2 units keyfob

  • Use keyfob you can:
    • Press Disarm key to disarm the system
    • Press Away Arm key to Away Arm the system
    • Press Stay Arm key to Stay Arm the system
    • Press panic key to trigger panic alarm
  • Slide-plastic cover design to prevent false alarm
  • Built-in blue signal emit LED indicator
  • Included with battery, battery life: 1-2 years
  • Remote distance>100 meters (open space)

PIR motion sensor1 unit wireless PIR motion sensor

  • New design, elegant wireless PIR motion sensor
  • Temperature compensation design to prevent false alarm
  • wide angle detection: 110 degree, distance: 12 meters
  • Anti-interference and anti-day light function
  • Tamper design
  • Included with installation bracket, mount on wall at height of 2 meters
  • Wireless transmission: 433MHz, 100 meters
  • Included with 9V battery, life-span 1 year

Magnetic contact1 unit wireless magnetic contact

  • Suitable for most doors and windows,trigger alarm when doors/windows are open.
  • Perimeter protection
  • Reed switch, reliable and cost-effective
  • With alarm LED indicator and low-battery indicator
  • Included battery, life span 12 months
  • Included installation adhesive sticker

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