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Hisilicon Exhibition Booth

Hisilicon will bring a new 4K/H.265+ SoC - Hi3519 in 2015 CPSE

October 29, 2015 -- China Public Security Expo (CPSE) will be held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. The global leading video surveillance semiconductor manufacturer - Hisilicon always specializes in researching and developing the next generation HEVC/H.265 ultra high definition IP video surveillance products and solution that offer the most advanced technology, cost-effective, capable of quick mass production. In this Security Expo, Hisilicon will bring its latest 4K/H.265 SoC - Hi3519, which adopts Hisilicon (Huawei) independent intellectual property rights and innovative IP video technologies.

Hisilicon 4K/H.265+ strategy

Since last year, network video surveillance took over the analog system to become the most installed video surveillance system in global video surveillance industry. IP cameras become the common home electronics in residential and business. IP cameras don't merely provide a simple hardware, this is the major difference between IP camera and analog camera. An IP camera itself consists of hardware, network, cloud server and App four parts, these four parts determined user's product experience, if one of parts encounter problem, consumers will think the IP camera has problem. So, how to help business clients to provide good IP cameras with optimum user experience? As the SoC provider, Hisilicon introduced 4K/H.265+ strategy, which helps to promote IoT and establish new cooperation mode.

Hisilicon 4K/H.265+ Hi3519
Hisilicon 4K/H.265+

Capturing video is the main function to IP camera. In current market, there are 8 megapixel IP cameras, which offer exceptional ultra high definition experience to users. Being restrained by industry chain, especially the extreme high bitrate, required high network bandwidth, storage, transmission are challenges, the popularity of 8 megapixel camera still requires much time.

In addition to owning HEVC/H.265 core patent, Hisilicon innovatively optimized HEVC/H.265 technology, launched Hisilicon HEVC/H.265+ technology, which can fully meet the requirements of "High quality, low bitrate" industry application. Hisilicon Hi-Lark encoder can achieve HEVC/H.265 4K@30fps video encoding, bitrate can be as low as 1 Mbit/s, meanwhile keep image quality and clarity, this can not only meet the current video surveillance demand, but also make 4K video broadcasting become possible. Hisilicon Hi-ISP image processor supports multiple image processing technologies including wide dynamic range, multi-level 3D noise reduction etc, which can greatly improve the image quality in changing lighting condition. Meanwhile, Hisilicon SoC carries Huawei IoT system - Lite OS, bringing new opportunities to security industry.

Hi-Lark video processing engine

Hisilicon semiconductor owns independent intellectual property rights, innovative 5th Hi-Lark Hisilicon patent video processing engine which offers HEVC/H.265 Main10@Level 5.1, 10bit, up to 4Kx2K @ 60fps encoding processing, minimum 384k bit/s to maximum 160Mbit/s bitrate, as well as smart H.265 encoding (RDO, AC, PE, RC) technologies.

Hi-Lark video processing engine - Hi3519
Hi-Lark video processing engine

Hi-ISP image processing engine

Hisilicon patent 3rd generation Hi-ISP image signal processing engine supports duplex channel, maximum 320 megapixel image sensor, it supports multiple mainstream video processing technology including multi-frame wide dynamic range, and multi-level 3D noise reduction, defog, fisheye correction etc.

Hi-ISP image processing engine
Hi-ISP image processing engine

Hi-IVE initiated intelligence processing

The unique Hisilicon CPU + Hi-IVE architecture, using offloading 50% CPU time to accelerate complex intelligent video analysis. This not only meet the needs of video analysis, but also reduce the requirement for processing performance of CPU, system can utilize low-performance CPU, greatly reduce the power consumption and cut the dimension of final product.

Hi-IVE Initiated intelligence architecture
Hi-IVE Initiated intelligence architecture

Internet of Things Lite OS

Dated back to 20th May 2015, Huawei released open-source IoT Lite OS in HNC2015 meeting, Lite OS is the most lite Internet of Things operating system. Lite OS is lightweight to 10KB level, with zero configuration, self-network, cross-platform capability, and ultra low power consumption, can be widely used in smart home, wearable, and vehicle networking industry and other fields, which  makes development of smart hardware become easier. In terms of security, Lite OS with security components, to secure the transmission between sensor and network. In this CPSE, Hisilicon will showcase new IP cameras that carry Lite OS.

Huawei IoT Lite OS - Hi3519
Huawei IoT Lite OS

Hisilicon mobile camera solution

Looking to the future, the trend of video surveillance is: big network, big data, cloud storage, all connected, portable.... video surveillance industry will have revolutionize change, and spawn new segments business mode. Hisilicon combined the innovative 4K/H.265+ technology, comes with IoT Lite OS, launched the mobile camera solution.

Hisilicon semiconductor will continue working on HEVC/H.265 and the next generation high definition IP video technology development and innovation, and strive to provide products and solution that combines with advanced technology, highly cost-effective, fast and easy mass production.

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