How to insert SIM card to GSM alarm system

After get a GSM alarm system from manufacturer or shop, now it's time to get a new SIM card from your GSM service provider (example: AT&T, T-mobile, Orange...etc).  Typically, users want to secure their's house without monthly monitoring fee,  so it's better to get a SIM card that doesn't charge the rent fee.   You just need to pay the fee, when alarm system make phone call and send SMS alert.

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Before user insert SIM Card, please note following information:

  1. For GSM alarm system, it only support GSM. you need to get a valid GSM or 3G SIM card for alarm system.
  2. Before use the SIM Card, please check whether it is valid or not.
  3. Make sure that the SIM Card without PIN code. if there is PIN code, the alarm system will can't use GSM service.

Note: many people ask if they need to use the 3G connection. Now 3G network is covered majority of countries. The 3G network connection with benefits of large data transmission. Non of gsm alarm systems send data via 3G network. When choose the SIM card or network operators, if the network operators either have coverage in an area with 3G or 2G, then you can use it to the GSM alarm systems.

Please following the Instructions as below to install SIM Card:

Step 1.

Find the SIM Card Slot on the backside of alarm system

GSM alarm system sim card slot


Step 2.

Using sharp objects (screw, pen...etc)  to push the button, until the SIM card cover is taken out.


Step 3.

After take out the SIM Card, put SIM Card into cover, the metal point on the above.

Step 4.

Put back the SIM Card cover to the Slot

SIM Card for GSM alarm system

Please note: The SIM Card slot with the protection design, please don't overstrain

Step 5.

When finished, it will look like as below:

GSM alarm system with SIM card