How to program alarm system to wireless strobe siren

This article is related to program wireless alarm system into wireless strobe siren. If you purchased the wireless siren from us, you indeed need to do the programming by yourself.

As described above, you need program the alarm system to siren, not program siren into alarm system.  Herein it's step by step procedures:

Step 1:  Find the "Enroll button/Study button" on the siren.

Red and blue strobe light siren

Step 2: Connect the alarm panel to AC/DC adapter, then turn on the alarm panel.

Step 3: Plug the siren to power socket, power up the siren, the siren's strobe light will flash four times.  (If the strobe light doesn't flash, it either means the siren's connection is not firmly to socket or the siren is defective)

Red strobe siren in power socket

Step 4: Use your hand press the "enroll button/study button" for one time, the strobe light will turn ON. Now the siren is in enroll status. Make sure there is no other wireless signal emitting (such as triggering PIR motion sensor, or press button on remote controls).

press strobe light with hand

Step 5: Trigger the panic alarm by press "panic button/SOS" on the alarm panel. 

hand press panic button on keypadTouchpad alarm systems

Step 6: After trigger the alarm, the siren's strobe light will flash four times again, that means the programming is successful.

Above procedures is very easy to follow, programming is so easy, but sometimes bad things will happen. Now we herein summarize some useful tips as below:

After press "Panic button/SOS button",  the siren strobe light always Turn ON, without flash four times.

  1. Each wireless strobe siren can totally work with up to 10 wireless alarm panels, that means it can totally reprogrammed for 10 times. If you can not program it, you need to reset the siren (power up the siren, then press "Enroll button/study button" hold for 15 seconds, then release)
  2. Wireless siren can not receive the alarm signal from alarm panel.  You need to put siren and alarm panel together or very near for programming.
  3. Wireless range is too short,  you can open the strobe siren, and adjust the wireless antenna to get ideal wireless transmission range.
  4. Wireless alarm panel can not emit the wireless alarm signal. The alarm system maybe defective.

At last, please note that each wireless alarm system with its [wireless code] for communication. If you find out your alarm panel trigger the wrong strobe siren (or another siren at same time), then you need to change the default [Wireless code] and re-program alarm panel to strobe siren.  This is solution for alarm system triggering all sirens at same time.

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