NodOn home automation suite

ID-RF Released NodOn home automation suite to USA

EnOcean Alliance member ID-RF will be introducing its NodOn home automation suite to the North American market at the International CES 2015. The ID-RF showcase will be situated in the Sands, at booth 75552.

Already widely available via European home automation e-tailers, the devices within the NodOn suite will be the first EnOcean products to be introduced into the consumer retail market prior to the end of 2014. Powered by EnOcean self-charging technology, NodOn devices are capable of bidirectional communication within the sub 1 GHz frequency band to ranges up to 100 feet with a building. The NodOn portfolio presently includes:

Soft Remote Switch

A wireless, battery-less remote controller, powered by an EnOcean electro-mechanical energy converter. The kinetic energy within a button press is used to power a radio communications with a nearby device.

  • Spill and shock resistant.
  • May be affixed to metallic surfaces via an embedded magnet.
  • Supports management of any EnOcean-based devices that can be switched on and off or dimmed.

Smart Plug

An outlet accessory that permits home appliance energy management via an EnOcean-compliant home automation gateway or switch.

  • Slim design for ease of household incorporation.
  • When integrated with a home automation gateway, it responds to power outage so as to achieve increased energy savings.

Indoor opening sensor & temperature sensor

Solar-powered sensors that integrate with EnOcean-compliant climate control and home automation systems.

  • Opening Sensor may be set to monitor window or door status and submit a signal to turn off heating when an opening is detected.
  • Temperature Sensor conducts a measurement of room temperature every 100 seconds, and submits a signal if a change of more than 0.5 °C/17 °F is detected.

The ID-RF Profile

ID-RF, French company based in China, is your worldwide partner for Smart Home Devices. We take care of the design, manufacturing and distribution of your smart Home Devices, such as Smart Plug, Wall switch, Remote control, Sensors and Metering devices.

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