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Innovative - WiFi HD IP cam works security sensors

Are you looking for a complete security system? That system can not only provide you HD video monitoring/recording, but also can protect your home with many types of security sensors? Today, I am going to introduce you the eRobot smart IP camera system. Check the top banner photo, that's how the whole system looks. STD D1201-B, is a high definition Wi-Fi IP camera system includes one 720P HD IP camera (Wi-Fi, Pan/Tilt, MicroSD), one wireless PIR motion sensor, one wireless door/window sensor, one remote keyfob, smartphone App (available on Google play and iTunes).

1# How IP camera alarm works?

Generally, it does two primary tasks; smart IP camera has built-in progressive scan CMOS image sensor, allow user to watch live video with 1280x720 resolution, smart wireless alarm system, the camera itself has built-in RF module. It can communicate with security sensors wirelessly. For instance, we installed one wireless door/window sensor on the front door to protect entry point of house. We leave house, then arm (activate) the eRobot, now your front door is protected. Open the door will setoff the alarm immediately, meanwhile the user (up to three users) will receive push notification (tells you that front door is alarming), email with snapshots. You are notified the alert, now you can:

  • Watch live video to check what's happening in your property.
  • If it's a false alarm, you can disarm the system through smartphone/keyfob.
  • Start the video recording, video can be recorded on built-in MicroSD card or your smartphone.
  • Swipe on video to pan/tilt the camera remotely.
  • Monitoring the voice or talk with eRobot remotely.
  • Call the emergency dispatch, if you have verified it's burglary, fire.

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2# How to install the system?

You buy a set of smart system, but it doesn't allow you to install by yourself, you have to call your local security company/installer, then wait for installation. eRobot is an user-oriented camera system, Do-it-yourself users love this system. You can let the eRobot sit on your book shelf or mount on ceiling with its included swivel installation bracket. Different from traditional IP camera, eRobot comes P2P (peer to peer) function, it supports plug-and-play installation. What does the P2P do? The P2P can allow camera to connect into Internet (WAN), without DDNS and port forwarding configurations. This means once camera plugs/connects to your network router, you are able to see the video.

IP camera connection diagram

Furthermore, user can configure the camera through smartphone, no need to login IE browser (no ActiveX plugin). The camera also supports Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) for network connection. eRobot works with wireless security sensors, it has 8 wireless zones, works up to 64 pieces security sensors. I guess you know the benefit to install and use wireless alarm system. You can install the wireless security sensors to anywhere inside the wireless signal range. The security sensors are powered by regular AA batteries, which can be bought from grocery store. Aside the PIR motion sensor and Door/Window sensor provided in standard pack, we can provide you additional security sensors including wireless smoke sensor, wireless flood sensor and wireless gas leak sensor. You can customize the system according to your own needs. The price for security sensors are very competitive (US$3 - 10).

Smart IP camera Alarm System - eRobot

3# True 720P HD IP Camera

Utilizing megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor, plus built-in IR-CUT filter, this camera can deliver you crisp images with 720P HD resolution. Two high power 3rd Infrared lamps furnished around the lens to allow camera work/see under zero lighting condition, up to 5 - 10 meters. eRobot can automatically switch between color and black/white mode. We have shipped more than ten thousands sets of eRobot to up to 30 different countries around the world, we are so pride to say that 99% of our customers are satisfied its HD image quality.

4# Onvif Protocol Works with NVRs/VMS

Do you want to manage multiple eRobot IP camera from a same location? The included free Smartphone App can allow user to manage multiple IP cameras, also Unifore offers free camera monitoring PC software. Additionally, this camera complies ONVIF protocol, works with third-party's NVRs and VMS. Do you want to use professional video recording with a NVR? Yes, it can connect to your existing NVR system. Unhappy with our provided free PC software? Well, you can use the ONVIF viewer or other open source camera software. Lastly, Unifore offers free cloud platform for video streaming, user can login the Cloud platform to watch live video from anywhere.

IP camera NVR system

5# Hassle free upgrading

We continue upgrading firmware to let this system works flawless. User can go use the smartphone App to upgrade its system to latest firmware version. Choosing "Update firmware", the eRobot camera can download latest from remote server, then upgrading back door. No need to manually upgrade its firmware. If you want to add/delete security sensors, it's much simple. Just select the zone you need to add extra sensor, then camera will enter into enrolling status. Simply trigger the fresh wireless sensor, it can be enrolled immediately. Lastly, If you encounter any problems, you can contact our online technical support or submit your ticket in your helpdesk. We are happy to assist you on any problems.

IP Camera Alert on Smartphone

6# Why we design this HD camera alarm pack?

In past several years, I have been asked a same question by many customers; how to connect IP camera to security sensors? As you know, video surveillance and alarm integration is a challenge. To achieve this, video surveillance manufacturers developed DVRs, IP cameras equipped with Alarm I/O, hence they can connect to security sensors, but through wired cable. That's one of solutions, but user need to know the basic electronic knowledge, know how to wire the cable. It still uses cable for connection, cables runs around your house isn't good, later you may want to expand the system or upgrade/uninstall the system. Hardwired connection definitely brings you a lot of troubles.

eRobot allows you to achieve video surveillance + security alarm integration, it's based on RF wireless technology, the price is much cheaper than own two separate systems (IP camera system + wireless alarm system). It's smart, the installation is straightforward. It works without NVR, no monitoring contract, no monitoring fee.

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