Introduce Hikvision Alarm System DS-19A08-F

Believe it or not, Hikvision also produces alarm system. Dated back to 2012, the company launched DS-19A08-F/KxG into market. Hikvision DS-19A08-F/KxG is hardwired alarm system for commercial alarm applications. The alarm system comes with a compact keypad with LCD display, it has advanced functions and support both GSM/GPRS and TCP/IP networks for alarm transmission.

Hikvision alarm system

Delicated compact design

This alarm system is delicated to provide alarm solution for community, villa, commercial building and shops, it's security system for commercial security, the alarm panel has compact design just like a hardwired control keypad. This system supports wall mounted installation method.

From above photo, we know it adopts durable plastic housing, front panel including white color keypad and black color area with a large LCD display; this system has siren output, DC input and RJ45 Ethernet jack..etc.

Open the plastic cover, we can see two PCB boards, the main-board has connector design for wiring backup battery, which enable the system to work even experience power outage. UIM/SIM card slot can allow system use cellular network for alarm transmission. Although it has compact design, but all basic alarm features are included.

Full features security system

This commercial alarm system adopts 32bit ARM processor, the communication data is encrypted to ensure high security. The alarm panel has 8 hardwired zones (alarm inputs), 1 alarm output, through using RS485 interface, it can be extended to 32 hardwired zones; furthermore, to meet the needs of wireless solution, it supports 32 wireless zones. For security protection, it has two tamper switches. Once alarm system encounters deliberate damages, it will trigger tamper alarm immediately.

Hikvision alarm system diagram

Multiple ways to control system

Hikvision DS-19A08-F supports five different ways for remotely controlling, users can Arm/Disarm the alarm system through panel's keypad, LED/LCD keypads, wired network management software, remote controllers, and SMS, or smartphone applications. Since this system has GPRS communicator, it can allow user send control commands over smartphone applications through GPRS connection.

Let's test its alarm function, we connected one PIR motion sensor to its hardwired zones, and activated (Armed) the system. Triggering the sensor, alarm sets off immediately, siren made noisy yelling; besides, for easy testing, we used a nipper short-circuited every zones to trigger alarms, it worked properly.

We also configed its alarm receiving when we triggered the alarm, we could receive the alarm notification through Ethernet network, GPRS and Telephone line (Analog), alarm management software, as well as smartphone. This system can set up to 6 phone numbers for alarm receiving.

Easy programming with software

User can use the keypad to program the system for quick setup, the front LCD display can show zones'status, the system can connect to management software, its user-friendly interface enable user easily setup the system. In software, user can set schedule Arm/Disarm time which provides great flexibility to end-users.

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