Wattio Smarthome Energy Security Pack

Introduce Wattio Smarthome Energy Security Pack control App

Wattio is a new start-up company engages in developing the simple smarthome automation devices and smart phone Apps for home energy monitoring and security. The company launched its found raise project on Indiegogo on April, 2013, successfully raised total $113,756.  Wattio is a Spanish company, the research and development office is located in San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa,Spain. Wattio project has been launched since five years ago, now it's developing a complete solution for smart home automation. The company has been awarded with many different contests.

What does wattio do? The wattio can allow users to remotely monitor your home's energy, also can protect your home through using different ZigBee security sensors. Consumers can access the data from Wattio smartphone App and Wattio Cloud platform. The company offers two different packs include the wattio smarthome energy pack, and the wattio smarthome security pack.  Energy pack targets to offer a complete smart home solution for controlling and saving energy consumption. Security pack can offer a simple but reliable internet based security protection solution.

Wattio can monitor your energy

A gate (smart hub), thermic (smart therostat), BAT (electricity monitor), these are items in the wattio smarthome energy pack. Gate (smart hub) is a Linux embedded smart hub with touch screen LCD design. It supports Wi-Fi connection for remotely accessing and monitoring. ZigBee connection to integrate with different smarthome automation sensors. The thermic is a battery powered smart thermostat, it can monitor and display the energy data including oil, gas and electricity. BAT is the energy monitor for the switch box.

Wattio can protect your home

The standard wattio security pack including one gate, one wireless door sensor, one PIR motion + temperature sensor. It's a starter kit for your home or office security. Each devices are connected through wireless technology (ZigBee) which supports do-it-yourself installation. Mounting the Wattio smarthome door sensor on the main entry, you will receive the alerts via smartphone when the door is opened. Mounting the wattio PIR motion + temperature sensor, it can send alerts when it detects human movement. All these sensors can automate with other ZigBee detectors or accessories.

“I use the Wattio System to simulate a presence at home whenever I’m away. I turn on the light and put on a Bob Dylan CD at full blast” this the product review from Anna López. Wattio definitely can provide you a good solution for either energy saving or security protection. Now the products are available on Amazon, and Wattio Gate sells at US$130, and the wattio energy pack sells at US$239 per set.