New indoor/outdoor dome cameras vandal-resistant design

Dome cameras and bullet cameras are most popular security cameras for closed circuit video surveillance system (CCTV). Now we have some stylish dome cameras with vandal-resistant, lower-profile, better aesthetics design. Most importantly with dome cameras you can disguise the cameras. Some dome cameras with IR illuminator, and night vision distance can reach up to 100ft. These dome cameras are equipped with 4mm 2 mega-pixels fixed lens, can be equipped with 2.8mm to 12mm varifocal lens for optional.

The key features for new dome cameras

  • 1/3 inch Sony High Definition CCD image sensor
  • Horizontal resolution 600 tvl, 650 tvl, 700 tvl in color
  • Ultimate easy installation mechanism design
  • 4-Axis rotations, precise mechanism
  • Wide range vari-focal lens (2.8 - 12mm)
  • 36pcs black color IR LEDs
  • Night vision distance up to 100ft
  • Day & night control
  • Smart exposure control for night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Privacy mask
  • IP66 rated waterproof

indoor/outdoor dome camera banner


Easy to adjust camera's position with 4-Axis rotation

Dome camera with unique 4-Axis rotation structure design, enable user to get the perfect and precise position for installation. 4-Axis allows IR LEDs rotation at 360 degree manually, and CCD board rotation at 360 degree in horizontal, and 90 degree in vertical. 

4 Axis rotation dome camera

Adopts new generation black color IR LEDs for night vision

Most importantly with dome cameras you can disguise the cameras FOV where box/bullet cameras it is obvious where the camera is pointing. With black IR LEDs, the IR LED is invisible for human eye, when camera is working at night. It can provide the highest hideous level for your cameras without interfere the night vision effect. Typical normal IR cameras use LEDs that produce IR just on the edge of human vision, so the camera still produce a faint visible red glow. The camera with black LEDs use a longer wavelength, further from what our eyes can see, so the glow is not visible.

Dome camera with black IR LEDs

On board OSD menu for adjustment of camera's specification

OSD means On Screen Display. New design dome cameras with on-board OSD menu, allow user to adjust the camera's specification with ease. With OSD menu, user can adjust lens, electric shutter speed, brightness, white balance, AGC, 2D/3D noise reduction, motion detection, privacy mask, camera ID...and more.

OSD menu on dome camera

IP66 rated waterproof dome camera for outdoor application

With special rubber ring to tighten the dome cover easily, and provide IP66 rated waterproof housing design, makes the dome cameras are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

IP66 rated waterproof design

Smart IR control to avoid over-exposure effect

Traditional IR camera may lead to over-exposure when IR LED is working at night. New design dome camera with smart IR control, and can automatically adjust the Infrared illumination level to avoid the over-exposure effect at night.

smart IR control to avoid over-exposure

Equipped with 2 mega-pixels lens

The lens's quality determined the camera's image resolution. The new design dome cameras are equipped with 2 mega-pixels vari-focal 2.8mm - 12mm lens to provide clear and sharp images at day and night.

Professional L wrench used for industrial field can prevent from manually damage the units inside camera.

L wrench

Cable through bracket design

Cable (or wires) through the camera's bracket metal hole for professional ceiling mounted installation.

cable through metal holes design

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