Solar powered perimeter alarm solution

Solar Powered Perimeter Alarm Solution

As we know, It's a problem for detecting intruders in large spaces so far.
Unifore Solar beam perimeter/driveway solution provide the security solution for farmer trying to discourage trespassers or a construction company protecting a building site, also for the large yard of house.
Unifore solar beam perimeter solution adopts invisible infrared beams which detection range up to from 50 meters to 300 meters.
Users can either connect to hardwired alarm system for perimeter protection or connect to a hardwired strobe siren for driveway application. When intruder breaks the beam, the alarm will be triggered, infrared beam will send signal either to hardwired alarm system or hardwired outdoor strobe siren.

Fences can only keep kind people out. Installing solar perimeter alarm system can let you know when an intruder has entered a forbidden area.
Installing the solar beam perimeter alarm system can protect:

  • Yards of house;
  • Farm perimeters and outside house;
  • Rural residential properties and holiday home
  • vulnerable perimeters;
  • Garage/Shed;
  • Construction sites and the building materials left on them;

Solar Power TheorySolar Perimeter Security Solution

Solar powered driveway alarm system / perimeter alarm systems have many applications for external detection. Solar powered perimeter security system is a professional, solar recharging, point-to-point infrared beam detector, NOT to be confused with false alarming PIR detectors.This security system without frequent replacement of batteries. This security system alerts you immediately when a person or a vehicle passes through the security beam. Protect multiple external areas of your property by adding up to many several pairs of beam detectors.