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Starvis Starlight IP Camera

Starlight IP Cameras leveraging Sony IMX290 Ambarella S2L SoC

Introducing you the latest starlight network cameras leveraging Sony newest Starvis CMOS image sensor (IMX290/291), incorporating the Sony Xarina image signal processor and Ambarella S2L video encoding engine, these network cameras can meet the demand for 24 hours color video surveillance monitoring without using artificial lighting.

Sony IMX290/291 a 1/2.9” Sony Exmor CMOS sensor that widely used in starlight network cameras, it can capture Full HD 1080p resolution video with vivid color and high quality at 60 frames per second, ideally suitable for the high-speed motion scenes. Sony Xarina image signal processor - CXD5700GG, exclusively designed to work for Sony Starvis CMOS image sensor (IMX123, IMX290/291, IMX224). It supports digital overlap wide dynamic range (DOL WDR) and Adaptive Tone Reproduction (ATR)  technology to improve picture quality. 

Ambarella S2L IP Camera Processor is a system-on-chip solution that integrates an advanced image sensor pipeline (ISP), an H.264 encoder capable of up to 5-megapixel at 30fps video, and a powerful ARM® Cortex™-A9 CPU for user applications. Targeting professional IP Camera designs, the S2L supports HDR and motion-compensated 3D NR to handle challenging lighting conditions, while the multi-streaming H.264 encoder with Smart-AVC delivers superb video quality at low bitrates.

In complete darkness condition (<= 0.001 Lux), using the Infrared lighting to capture video is the common solution to meet the night video surveillance needs, however, the surveillance camera only can capture B/W image; some cameras may use the white lighting to achieve color video surveillance at night, but the result is not satisfied because of the limitation on illumination distance and angle.  Using and deploying the Star-light surveillance cameras can effectively solve the above deficiencies of night video surveillance applications, can fully meet the requirement of night surveillance applications.

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