Wisen WiFi Wireless Alarm System

Wisen - the best WiFi wireless alarm system

Affordable equipment, products are easy to install and use, but providing reliable connection, while with flexibility to extend the system by using different types of security detectors. Offering free user-intuitive App. Allowing self-monitoring (no monthly recurring fee, no monitoring contract) and monitored alarm service options. These ideas come to my mind when give the definition of “Best” wireless alarm system. 

The alarm monitoring market growth is relative slow when comparing the growth rate of video surveillance system. Conventional alarm system utilizes the telephone-line to transmit alarm signals are still providing service to customers. This mainly because alarm monitoring as a service has a decade history, and video surveillance as a service just emerging in the market with the form of cloud storage and video analytics.

Home automation and IoT products are very popular nowadays. However, according to the survey conducted by Auguest Home and Xfinity Home, security in the home is the main reason consumers choose to use the home automation system.  As adoption increases and technology develops further, smart WiFi alarm system will offer the homeowner more convenience and connectivity while maintaining security and control. How to choose the right wireless alarm system? Encountering so many choices, we seem to be suffering from indecision. 

1#. Reliable connection is the key 

Today wireless systems become prevalent in the market, some users still stick on hardwired alarm system because the hardwired alarm seems more reliable than wireless alarms, but you can’t ignore the difficulties when setup and install them, as well as the higher installation cost.

Complex network configuration and unstable WiFi connection, these are typical problems the WiFi alarm system encounter. Since the IoT technology evolves, the WiFi alarm system is now able to provide you reliable and stable WiFi connection for alarm monitoring service. Thanks to the integration with smartphone, users can use the App to remotely arm/disarm the system, meanwhile users can get notified upon events or alarms.

A security system should protect your premises when you really need. It should provide you 24 hours 7 days protection no matter what the situation is such as electricity outage, Internet out of service. To achieve the reliable connection, the alarm system must have the redundant design, a good wireless alarm system should support at least two different communication pathways, once one is down, the backup can allow system to convey alarm messages.

2#. WiFi + GSM cellular communication

Keep you notified anywhere, anytime. Unifore realized this when designed our alarm products. G60-Ultimate alarm system can support GSM cellular and telephone line connection. Once the telephone line is cut, the system will automatically switch to GSM cellular for alarm communication. 

The newly released Wisen alarm system can support both WiFi and GSM cellular connection. Wisen alarm system can operate in WiFi mode daily, therefore users can remote receive the push notification once the system detects any suspicious activity. The system will send text message or make auto dial phone call to notify users in case the Internet service is down or losing the WiFi connection. Both systems have rechargeable battery built-in to keep running even if the power gets cut.

3#. Easy to setup and use

Truly easy to use alarm system should be like an iPhone or iPad. When firstly turn on the system, you can begin to setup and install without reading the manual. Simplisafe is such kind of system, the system is totally wireless and designed to protect your home in a way that’s comprehensive and yet also remarkably user-friendly. We developed the Wisen alarm also followed this rule, the Wisen alarm system are wireless alarm runs 433MHz radio frequency. All wireless detectors are powered by regular 1.5V Alkaline battery which can be founded easily even in the drug store nearby. Offering screw or “adhesive tap to mount” two different install methods, you can easily deploy multiple security detectors around your premises. 

Wisen iOS App
Wisen Alarm App for iOS smartphone
Wisen Alarm App
Wisen Alarm App

4#. Diversity security detectors

The alarm panel is the “brain” of your system. It replies on various different security detectors to achieve different event detection. Wireless door magnetic contact and wireless PIR motion detectors are two basic security detectors to work with the alarm panel. Door magnetic contact are the best devices for perimeter protection, while the indoor motion sensor can detect the movement inside your rooms. A good quality PIR motion sensor should have pet-immunity feature which can disregard the motion caused by animals. 

Besides door magnetic contact and PIR, some alarm system kits include smoke detector and heat detector designed for smoke and fire detection. It’s better to choose a fire detector that combined with smoke and heat detection together. 

Vibration detector and glass break detectors can give you other options to protect the slide windows or display windows in a shop. Glass detectors can analysis sound, it will send a signa once the protected window is smashed.

5#. Self-monitoring or monitored alarm service

People keeps debating which method is the best way to protect your premises, self-monitoring or monitored alarm service? We wrote an article to explain the difference between self-monitoring and monitored alarm service back to several years ago. Wisen alarm system can support both options, users can either choose monitor their house by themselves, or subscribe the alarm monitoring service provided by local security companies.

6#. Home automation

In addition to security protection, some users wanna the alarm system supports home automation function. Wisen, the smart alarm system can also support home automation, the system can achieve simple home automation such as using App to switch on/off home appliances by using remote socket. 

Wisen - GSM/WiFi Alarm System

In conclusion

Wisen smart alarm is a smart, modern, highly reliable wireless alarm system which suitable for various alarm monitoring applications including home, warehouse, boat/yacht, grocery shops, drugstore, apartment, office, workshop and more. The Wisen alarm combines all the user-friendliness of a WiFi connected alarm system, and the reliability of the communication by SMS and phone call. Control your alarm system remotely with the iOS and Android Apps when you have an Internet connection, and receive a phone call or control the alarm by SMS when you don't.

  • WiFi/GSM cellular backup alarm system
  • Protect and control your home
  • Automatically switch to GSM in case of Internet failure.
  • Alarm + Event push notification
  • Includes a doorbell and a smart outlet/socket
  • Shared IoT platform, more reliable
  • Compliant with Contact ID protocol

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