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2-Megapixel Full HD IP Camera Hi3518EV200 Solution

Recently, several IP camera manufacturers launched Hi3518EV200 based 2-megapixel solution. Through employing different 2-megapixel CMOS image sensors, the Hi3518EV200 IP camera can capture 1920x1080 resolution crisp video . Although, the maximum frame rate only supports 15fps, it likely to become the cost-effective solution in low end Full High Definition products.

In addition to 3D noise reduction, digital wide dynamic range technology, the new Hi3518EV200 processor has improved the performance of color reproduction and image quality.

#1. Advantages of Hi3518EV200

  • Main stream 1920x1080, sub-stream 704x576, the same performance like Hi3516C;
  • ISP using third-generation technology, improved image quality, performance is more excellent
  • Low cost 2-megapixel solution
  • Support image sensors OV2710, GC2023, BG0803, AR0237, SC2045

#2. Hi3518EV200 WDR Performance

Hi3518EV200 WDR Image
Hi3518EV200 WDR Image

After turned on wide dynamic range (WDR), image brightness improved significantly, over-bright and dim areas become normal, image detail is clear.

#3. Hi3518EV200 Day time (Outdoor)

Hi3518EV200 day time image (outdoor)
Hi3518EV200 day time image (outdoor)

In complex outdoor scenes, the image contrast and clarity are high, true color reproduction.

Hi3518EV200 Night Image
Hi3518EV200 Night Image

In low light conditions, can capture high quality color image.

#4. Night Image (Infrared lights turned on)

Hi3518EV200 Night Image (IR turned on)
Hi3518EV200 Night Image (IR turned on)

In night vision scenes, the dark details are clear, image clarity is high.

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