2014 Wireless Home Alarm Industry Analysis

Obviously, the security industry is undergoing tremendous transformation. 2014 is the crucial point in this stage, we are writing this article to make prediction what gonna be next trend in this field. Working as alarm equipment technician for almost four years allows me to be in frontier of newest technology. In summary, the wireless technology based home alarm systems will dominate the market.

Hardwired alarm systems are out-fashioned alarm equipment 

This isn't my own perception without empirical research. Some technology laggards may still believe in hard-wired alarm system is more reliable than wireless one. Unfortunately, hard-wired alarm system is dead, and many alarm manufacturers stop production, and shifting focus from hard-wired system to wireless alarm system.

From the long-term point of view, any home appliance which rely on hard-wired connection for data transmission will be abandoned by users, this makes thriving of wireless technology in majority of electronics. Generally speaking, hard-wired alarm system is designed to work for professional installers, residential users will get overwhelmed with complicated installation and setup procedures.  Nowadays people are exposed to a huge amount of information while most has been ignored, so it's getting harder to let customer listen to you patiently and learn how the complicated system works. They are more like to go with the easy one; wireless system, which is simple and fast

  1. People don't like old thing, especially electronics
  2. Hard-wired systems are complicated to install and setup
  3. The system lack of the newest advanced features or functions
  4. The overall cost is far more expensive than the wireless alarm system

Residential users choose wireless alarm system

New wireless alarm system launch into market in everyday, wireless system with smartphone integration becomes more and more popular, you can find huge amount of people back crowdfunding platform to buy the latest wireless alarm system with smartphone app. You should choose these kinds of system; whatever you are just starting your own security business or you are home owner want to install the system for house.  Smartphone integration and aesthetic design are two key factors for better compete in fierce competition in security industry.

  1. Aesthetic design, modernized housing for your property
  2. Smart phone integration, with home security and home automation
  3. Wireless technology for easy installation
  4. Self-monitoring, self-install

Monitoring service? I bet you won't choose it.

Hardly the monitoring service providers (or companies) can make sales increasing in 2014. In the one hand, they are experiencing huge competition from "DIY" system from their competitors. On the other hand, the high running cost is killing their profit, this not only push more and more users to choose the "DIY" system, but also lower the service's quality. 

Why they will fail?

  1. Huge availability of substitutes
  2. Expensive cost for equipment and installation
  3. Requires long term monitoring contract
  4. Less customer satisfactory, poor service.

Monitoring service not only requires user to pay the expensive alarm equipment, also charges on installation. More over, it requires user to sign long-term monitoring contract. Checking the reviews for the large monitoring service provider, you will find majority residential users are not satisfied their service, and unsubscribing rate is high. Obviously, monitoring service providers will have to focus on commercial clients to help them for the sustainability of business.

Prefer the accurate detection alarm system

High false alarm rates definitely are one of important factor make users don't install alarm system or uninstall the system. Solving or decreasing false alarm rates become one of important responsibility for security equipment manufacturer. Certainly, people are willing to choose alarm with low false alarm rate, therefore it can protect residential with hassle-free installation and usage. Adopting high quality detection sensor to ensure the accurate detection can decrease false alarm rate significantly, especially for those families with pets.

Pets can cause lots of false alarm, especially for passive infrared sensors (PIR motion sensor). Traditional passive infrared motion sensor can pick up movement both from human and pets. If the protection area with pets passby, you'd better choose pet-immune motion sensor or not install PIRs in there. 

Video verification is the one of strategy for reducing the consequence of false alarm. Wireless alarm can work with IP camera for smart protection and monitoring. The IP camera not only can allow users to watch video footage in real time over smartphone remotely, but also can allow user to make alarm verification, once an alarm is tripped. 

Home automation and environmental monitoring

Controlling your home appliances simply swipe on one your smartphone, and monitoring energy consumption, even real time get information about environmental data of your property. It's simple as long as you have installed the wireless home automation system. Unlike traditional automation system from HAV, the new home automation system with simple design and wireless technology without sophisticated installation and setup. 

Home automation systems exist in market for a long time. New concept home automation looks to take off in 2014, with interactive design and affordable price, these systems will prosperous in security industry. Now it's time to protect your home, control your home appliance, and simplify your life. From saving money to conserving resources to keeping loved ones safe, a smart home is quickly becoming the home of the future.

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