3G mobile view setting for standalone DVR of iPhone and Android

Our standalone DVR are compatible with remote view via iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile…etc through 3G networks. Before you access DVR via a mobile phone, you must check that the standalone DVR with the proper network setting, has opened extra stream, and port forwarded.

Before below setting, you need to check your network setting for the standalone DVR. More information, please refer to http://www.hkvstar.com/technology-news/network-setup-of-standalone-dvr-for-internet-view.html

Start mobile monitoring service, standalone DVR setting:

Go to Netservice setup in the standalone DVR, Select “Mobile Monitor”, next to “Enable”, insert a port for the mobile. Port 34599 is default port to use. Make sure that you port forward this port. Select “OK” to save your settings.

Extra Stream Configuration

To open extra stream:

Go to “System” > “ENCODE” setup on the DVR, select third box next to Audio/Video, check mark will display in the box. Adjust all the parameters, select “OK” to save settings.

Note: you may need to adjust the extra stream according to your mobile device. Follow the port forwarding instructions to forward the mobile port (34599) in addition to ports 80 and 34567.

Viewing video over Android Operation System
Download mobile monitoring software: http://www.hkvstar.com/images/stories/file/Mobile-Monitor.rar

Install the mobile phone viewing software, and run the software, navigate to settings:

Address: Input your DVR’s IP address or DDNS

Port: Input the port you forwarded for your mobile. Ensure that port is listed under mobile setting on your DVR

User ID: Input the user ID that you have in DVR

Password: Input the password that you have in DVR.

iPhone viewing

Run iTunes and search “vMeye” in the appstore and install it online. Run the "vMeye", and enter the IP address, port, User ID, Password, enter into remote viewing.

Download the setting in PDF: http://www.hkvstar.com/pdf/Remote_mobile_view_setting.pdf

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