960H surveillance, increased 30% resolution than D1

Merely check the product’s promotion information from manufacturer, you will not know the gap between ideal and reality. Especially for those parameters are hard to verify, consumers were mostly only been fooled. 960H surveillance systems appear in market for a long time, few people know the difference between this new technology and traditional surveillance system. We herein write this article to test the 960H camera and verify whether the 960H system can increased 30% resolution than D1 or not.

Affect the resolution of images just include few factors such as camera type, image signal processing capability, video compression algorithm, monitor display…etc. Firstly, we used the same parameter security cameras to see difference between 960H and D1. In theory, 960H means the image resolution at 960*576(PAL)/960*480(NTSC), the standard D1 resolution 704*576 (PAL)/704*480(NTSC), 960H increased 30% horizontal resolution in the same vertical resolution. Theoretical data validation is successful, then what about the actual image resolution?

960H surveillance, increased 30% resolution than D1

960H vs D1 resolution

From some type cctv cameras, individually connect to 960H DVR and standard D1 DVR, two difference DVRs adopting same H.264 video compression algorithm, after video recording and display the images at same monitor, what will be the result?

Take 960H DVR as an example, in the screenshot images, we can see the images’s resolution is close to 700TVL, the high performance standalone DVR, the picture quality is indeed achieved the desired results.

960H vs D1

960H resolution (left) VS D1 resolution (right)

Similarly, using the standard D1 DVR for video recording, the resolution is close to merely 550TVL, compared with 960H DVR, the image quality is indeed slightly poor. From the test result, the 960H system is better than D1 system.

960H system solution

Currently, majority of 700 TVL cctv cameras are adopting Sony Effio solution, Effio is the latest digital signal processor for video surveillance solution, through integration with standard CCD image sensor, it can achieve above 650TVL higher resolution, 960H cameras with advanced low illumination and wide dynamic range functions,and becomes the most distinctive analogue system from CCTV system.

A full HD surveillance system should included with 960H security cameras, 960H DVR, as well as HD video monitor. 

960H vs D1 vs CIF resolution

In an analog surveillance system, CCD + DSP can be described as a classic match, if adopting more higher resolution lens, the resolution can exceed 70 TVL. For Effio solution, user can choose customized solutions on accordance with their needs. 960H DVR is the core component for HD surveillance system.

video latency test

Notably, 960H resolution is 1/4 of 1080P resolution, this help 960H equipment can smoothly upgrade to full HD equipment in the future. 960H also is belong to same analogue surveillance system, but its resolution has a good performance, video low-latency are advantages for analogue surveillance system.

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