Advantage of Sony Effio

Analog Camera - Sony Effio + CCD vs CMOS

Although IP camera has already been replaced analog camera becomes the most popular installed security camera in video surveillance industry. There is a still demand for analog HD camera. Dated back to 2013, Sony released Effio series digital signal processor (ISP) to work with 960H CCD, which has the capability to deliver over 650 TVL images. From Sony's statistics, the total shipments of Sony's camera DSP for security use have achieved more than 200 million pieces (At the month of July.2014).

Things had been changed after Chinese security camera manufacturers joined the competition of analog HD resolution. On early 2014, Dahua launched HD-CVI solution, which is a kind of analog HD technology through utilizing progressive scan CMOS image sensor to deliver up to 1080p megapixel resolution. As a result, the Hikvision released HD-TVI solution, which is very similar to HD-CVI. After several months, Nextchip joined this battle, and introduced AHD solution into market.

Consequently, analog camera market becomes very complicated. Enormous HD analog cameras appeared into market, they are based on Sony 960H, Dahua HD-CVI, Nextchip AHD, Hikvision HD-TVI, HD-SDI, Fuhan..etc different ISP. Even traditional analog cameras manufacturers felt confused, and couldn't decide choose which solution to manufacture new products. Consumers can find many cheap analog HD cameras which marked with 750TVL, 800TVL, 900TVL, 1000TVL, 1200TVL resolution.

Except HD-SDI, all current analog HD solution is cheaper than Sony 960H. Additionally, their advertised resolution is much higher than Sony's Effio 960H. 

ResolutionEffio DSPModel NameRemark
960H over 700TVL Effio-V CXD4141GG WDR Model
Effio-A CXD4151GG High Image Quality Model
960H over 650TVL Effio-P ver.2 CXD4129GG WDR High-End Model
Effio-S ver.2 CXD4130GG Standard Model
Enhanced Effio-E ver.2 CXD4140AGG Entry-level Model (8 languages)
Enhanced Effio-E ver.2 CXD4140BGG Enter-level (6 languages, Arabic, Hindi...etc)

What's advantage of Effio-A over CMOS?

Compared with CMOS based analog HD technology, Sony Effio can provide versatile features, which provide great flexibility for different video surveillance applications. Typically, HD-CVI and HD-TVI merely includes basic features like BLC, HLC, Motion Detection, Privacy Mask. In addition to these basic features, Effio can provide digital image stabilizer, auto defog function, auto scene recognition, WDR, ATR-Ex..etc function.

Superior image quality

Camera based on Effio-V/A + ICX810/811 can provide superior image quality in every surveillance scene.

Sony Effio Resolution Advantage

Sony Effio vs CMOS on Low Illumination

Sensitivity of Effio-V/A + ICX811/810 is the highest in any analog CCTV solution

Sony Effio Low Illumination

Advantage of visibility under IR-LED

IR-Optimizer function provides clear image under IR-LED

Sony Effio IR Effect

Advantage of outdoor scene performance

Effio supports ATR function provides fine image under wide dynamic range scene of outdoor.

Sony Effio WDR Advantage

Advantage of indoor scene performance

ATR function provides higher visibility in the both bright and dark area in indoor scene.

Sony Effio ATR Advantage

What's Auto Scene Recognition?

Provide the best image automatically for every situation by intelligent scene analysis.

What's defog function of camera?

Higher visibility image automatically for foggy situation by intelligent image analysis. The defog function is useful to improve image quality when camera works under foggy condition such as PM2.5, rainy weather, seasonal fog.

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