Burglar alarm system should have the five features

Burglar alarm system consist of diverse sensors (detectors) and alarm control panel, with the function of intrusion detection and smoke detection, as well as summon aid in an emergency. What's the crucial features for the burglar alarm ? what's the meaning of these features ?

Home Security System

Usefulness of the product

Most of people are focuing on how the product works and how to use the products when selecting the alarm system.  In reality, some of alarm systems may not achieve the advertised function. When choosing the alarm system, customer need to take the consideration of house structure, installation position and environment...etc. Choosing the alarm system should be accordance with different circumstance.

Wireless transmission

For home owner, we recommend the wireless alarm system. The reason is hardwired alarm systems need cable layout construction works and will ruin the house decoration. By the way, hardwired alarm systems are not easy to re-locate installation position. Most of houses were not built with consideration of house security, select the best position is critical for installation of alarm system.  More over, After installed the hardwired alarm system, it's too complicated to uninstall or re-locate the cables...etc, so hardwired alarm system is not good option for home owner.

Remote Control and Monitoring

In home burglar alarm system, remote control and monitoring is one of major method for anti-burglary and fire disaster. Remote control and monitoring is very important when you are away from home in vocation. Burglar alarm system can attach with telephone line to central monitoring station, or using GSM cellular network to notify home owner when any abnormal event happens.

Backup Power

In the usage of alarm system, burglar alarm will be disabled by the extra facilities. One of most important facilities is power. If the power supply is cut, then the alarm system can not work, the whole system will lose the functions. The burglar alarm system should be equipped with backup battery in case of power off. The backup battery should provide the power supply at least  last for 24 hours. In addition, the burglar alarm system should with the external power failure alarm notification. Once the external power is off, then alarm system will notify home owner immediately.


The alarm system with self-inspection can provide the reliable performance for the anti-burglary and prevention of fire desaster. With self-inspection, the alarm system will not omit any intruder and other abnormal event.

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