DECT Alarm Home Automation

DECT Alarm System and DECT Home Automation

DECT is a kind of wireless technology, based on this technology, each of home appliances or devices can communicate each other wirelessly. DECT is primarily widely used in cordless phone. With the fast growing needs for security & protection, as well as home automation, some electronics manufacturers released wireless alarm system and home automation system with integration of this technology.

What's DECT?

DECT is the abbreviation of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, this is a primary standard for cordless phone which has been firstly launched in 1987. DECT has many different vision of standards including Cordless Advanced Technology - Internet & Quality (CAT-iq) and DECT Ultra Low Energy (ULE). This makes DECT technology becomes so popular among household appliances. Almost 600 million home appliances have DECT integration across over 110 different countries.

With the introduction of the Ultra Low Energy (ULE) standard extension, DECT has become the ideal technology for home automation and security, as well. DECT ULE features extremely low cost, low power consumption, long range (full house coverage with simple star technology), interference free, highly-stable bit-rates, and value –added complementary voice and video capabilities.

DECT's advantage

Long range wireless transmission distance is the obvious advantage for the DECT technology, also this is reason why home user can use the cordless phone around the house without losing signal. Additionally, the DECT technology is secured wireless transmission method, which can significantly avoid the signal interference, therefore ensuring the communication quality. Lastly, DECT is a two-way communication technology, every connected devices will be supervised, once lost the connection (tamper, vandalism of the system), the user will be notified.

DECT is a mature standard, its new version - DECT ULE has been already deployed in millions of DECT gateways and standard (PSTN) base stations. These devices can be easily upgraded to support DECT ULE for Home Automation and Security/Monitoring, while continuing to support legacy telephony. Having an existing cordless phone system installed? Just add DECT compatible security sensors and home automation devices, you extend it to a complete new system with security and home automation features.

DECT technology applications

Cordless telephony system is DECT's traditional market. Since the implementation of DECT ULE, it becomes an ideal technology for home security and home automation fields. 

DECT Alarm Home Automation Diagram
DECT Alarm Home Automation Diagram

DECT Alarm System

  • DECT Alarm Hub: The "brain" of the entire system, it communicates with diversity security sensors, connects to internet through Wi-Fi or LAN connection. Offering reliable security protection and monitoring without monthly monitoring fee. Once an alarm is triggered, user will get notified through smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • DECT Motion Sensor: can be used to detect human movement for protecting space.
  • DECT Window/Door Sensor:  to offer perimeter protection, guards each of main entry-points.
  • DECT Glass Break Sensor:  is ideal device to monitor glass windows.
  • DECT Camera: allows home user to watch live video, see, hear, talk with their families.

DECT Home Automation System

Home Automation can be considered as the connecting of appliances, for the purposes of monitoring and control, using an intelligent network throughout the home.

  • Smart Plugs: provides intelligent monitoring and control of electrical appliances connected to standard electrical sockets
  • Consumption Display & Awareness: provides home user the display of the monitored power consumption
  • Lighting Controls: provides the user the ability to control lighting in the home from remote control
  • White Goods/Appliance Control: provides the user the ability to control appliances from remote control, including setting operation timing in off-peak tariff periods
  • Climate Control: Thermostat, HVAC, ventilation, remote sensing blinds

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