How GSM alarm systems connect to alarm receiving centre?

If you want to setup the a central monitoring station for providing monitoring service to your customer, you may need find the information about how to connect these alarm systems into central monitoring station for alarm management. Yes, for the traditional alarm systems, it's very easy, but if you want to use Made-in-china alarm system for your project, then things will be complicated. 

In this article we will show you how the alarm systems connect to central monitoring station, we will focus on PSTN and GSM connection, because these two methods are widely used around the world. In addition, we will use our alarm systems and central monitoring station equipment as examples.

How alarm systems communicate with central monitoring station ?

Alarm system can use 4+2 EXPRESS, Contact ID and SIA, as well as Caller ID for alarm management. If you want the central monitoring station can receive detail alarm information, then you have to choose the alarm systems are compatible with alarm protocols (4+2 EXPRESS, Contact ID and SIA).  Contact ID is the most widely used alarm communication protocol, you may find all central monitoring station can support Contact ID. Majority of cheap alarm equipment can not support these protocols, then the only possible way for alarm management is using the Caller ID. 

The communication method for alarm signal transmitting

The alarm system can transmit the alarm signal either via telephone line (PSTN) or GSM cellular network. Because our alarm systems are compatible the Contact ID, then we use our alarm system in this article.

G70, G70E, G70D: These alarm system can transmit alarm signal with Contact ID in traditional telephone line (PSTN). These models can not transmit Contact ID signal via GSM call (or dialing). If you want these alarm system connects to central monitoring station via GSM, then you need use the SMS method, which also requires central monitoring station installed with SMS to CID converter.

G70F, GSM800 series: These alarm systems are designed for commercial purpose, thus the system can transmit the Contact ID signal via both PSTN and GSM.

Telephone line connection (PSTN) to alarm receiving centre

Traditional alarm system are using the telephone line for alarm transmission. 

 telephone line for alarm transmissionCommercial alarm connects to CMS via PSTN

Alarm system transmit alarm signal via GSM cellular network

The alarm system with GSM backup or utilize the GSM as main alarm transmission method, it can also work with central monitoring station.

intrusion alarm signal transmission via GSMcommercial alarm system connects to CMS via GSM


The screenshot when central monitoring station received alarm signal in Contact ID

If your alarm system is compatible with Contact ID, and you enable system to transmit alarm via Contact ID, then the central monitoring station can not only show the detail alarm information (including zone information), but also show the Arm/Disarm information, as well as Manual Test/Schedule Test information. 

Below picture is burglar alarm received in central monitoring station.

Alarm receiving with Contact ID protocol

Below picture is when alarm system is Armed, and enabled upload alarm status to central monitoring station.

Below picture is when alarm system is disarmed and enabled upload status to central monitoring station fuction.

 The below picture is when enabled manual test or schedule test in alarm system, and central monitoring station.

central monitoring station receive test signal

The screenshot for handling alarm, when central station received the alarm signal

Screenshot for alarm handling

 What If my GSM alarm system without any communication protocols ?

If you have GSM alarm systems that don't compatible any alarm communication protocols, then the only method for alarm monitoring is using Caller ID.

If you use our central monitoring equipment and software, you need to enable the alarm receiving through Caller ID.

Enable Caller ID for alarm receiving

In addtion, when add new subscribers, you need to put the alarm system's phone number into first contact number. That means the first contact phone number must be same for the SIM number of GSM alarm system. 

Add new subscriber in central monitoring station

When use the Caller ID, the central monitoring station only can show alarm information, the screenshot as below:

Alarm receiving via Caller ID

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