How to choose DIY alarm system for home ?

There are various types of security alarm system in the market. Nowadays, customer can buy the diy alarm system from Amazon and Ebay, these alarm systems are getting popular with the reasons of easy to install and use. More over, with the 10 years of develop of technology, DIY alarm system are more reliable then you used to think. Now more and more customers turn to DIY alarm system to protect their homes and premises with the advantages of cut the cost and save the budget. We herein provide some simply guidance on choosing DIY alarm system.

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1. How many sensors does your system need to use ?

Typically, alarm manufacturers provide the alarm panel and wide range of varies of sensors for selection, or provide some kind of alarm kit. It may not meet your specific installation environment, or the qualities of sensors are not enough. How many sensors should the system need ? You need to survey your home to analysis how many windows and doors are need to be protected from possible intrusion. For these windows and doors, you can choose to use the magnetic contact (reed switches). If you think the magnetic contact sensor is not enough, you can install glass break sensor for windows, and PIR motion sensors for the doors. Install the perimeter sensor is the another effective way to protect your home, the perimeter sensor can create an invisible fence boundaries around your house, it can reduce the quantities of interior protection sensors.

2. Where to install the control panel and keypad ?

It's better to choose the appropriate possible locations for the control panel and keypads. Close to the door is the generally convenient location for a keypad. For all-in-one alarm system, you can install it in your bedroom or near to your bed, this can avoid the possible damage from intruder (or signal jamming). The control panel is generally placed in basement or other hideous place.

3. How far away the sensors and control panel ?

Keep in mind, all wireless alarm system with the limitation of communication distance between wireless sensors and control panel. Measure how far away the windows and doors are from the control panel can let you know how far the wires must be used for wired alarm system and maintain a good wireless communication for wireless system. If you find (or feel) the wireless transmission can not reach the requirement, you may need to relocate the position of control panel or main unit (all-in-one system) or use the wireless signal repeater.

4. Monitored alarm system or self-monitoring alarm system ?

Monitored alarm systems are connected to central monitoring station that monitoring your home or premises in 24 hours by trained operators, we always suggest our customer to subscriber the monitoring service from security company. As opposite, self-monitoring alarm system will auto dial your phone number (and programmed numbers) and sending text message to you, when the alarm is triggered. You can find the comparison between monitored alarm system and self-monitoring alarm system.

5. Hardwired alarm system or wireless alarm system.

Now it seems that majority of alarm system are hybrid alarm system in the market. The hybrid alarm systems come with wireless zones and hardwired zones.  Hybrid alarm system can compensate the disadvantages of wireless alarm system and wired alarm system, customer can easy to choose whether to use wireless sensor or wired sensor partially. Be aware that if you choose the hardwired alarm system or use the wired zones, you (or security installer) may need to drill holes during the installation. Check the difference between hardwired alarm system and wireless alarm system.

6. Fire detection and panic emergency is also important.

It's important to select the alarm system that come with function of not only intrusion detection, but also the fire detection and panic emergency response. These alarm system can work with smoke sensor, heat sensor, CO sensor, Gas sensor, water flood sensor...etc. panic button can summon the aid when facing the emergency situation.

7. Choose the user-friendly alarm system.

The alarm system is generally sophisticated, but every members of your family may need to operate the alarm system, this requires the alarm system must be user-friendly. Choose the alarm system with LCD design and easy to operate menu system, the system must be easily to be learned quickly by every one.

How to install the sensor for residential house:

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