PTZ security camera outdoor installation

How to choose the best location to install security cameras?

The placement surveillance camera layout is one the important aspect of design of surveillance project.  The correct placement of security camera need take all the possible viewing target, reduce the existence of blind spot. For achieving that purpose, the more security cameras, the better, but it's obviously untrue. For the purpose of achieving above objects and without increasing the quantity of security camera at the same time, it's necessary to design a good layout for placement of security camera on the basis of limited security camera.

Choosing the right plan according to your application

When make the placement layout, the layout varies from different application and investment budget, firstly people need to make the consideration what the surveillance target and  extra-target are. We provide some layout examples for different application in this article, maybe these layouts are not perfect, due to even in the same application, the layout design are different in the same application. More over, the investment and the size of project may determined the layout as a matter of factor.

When security camera need to surveillance different directions, then need to use the PTZ camera. If add extra one or two camera can do the same job to surveillance whole area, then prefer to use fixed lens camera. The reason is except the cost of PTZ camera and need to invest extra equipment when run PTZ camera, when use the PTZ camera to direction A, the direction B is blind spot, the horizon speed for tilt is 3./S  -6 Degree/S on 50MHz. From direction A to direction B takes around 20-40s when camera rotation, then form a time gap that can not surveillance. If install two fixed security camera on the each direction of A and B, then the whole area will be under 24 hours surveillance.

Installation of security camera need to focus the surveillance target along the direction of light, should avoid reverse light installation (reflection lights to security camera). When the security camera is target to windows (or lamp), due to the auto brightness control of security camera, the objects will be dark, even reduce the resolution of images, effect the quality of images, then you need to change the position or direction of security camera, or use something that can shield the light sources. When it's a must that need to install security camera in reverse direction of light, then choose the Variable Focal Auto Iris CCD Camera.

For the installation height, security camera should be placed in 2.5-5 meters for indoor, 3.5-10 meters for outdoor (can not below 3.5 meters). When install security camera inside of elevator, the camera should ceiling mount on the corner of angle. Install security camera should be near the target without interference, should avoid the place where with high power sources and AV equipment. When install security camera, you need to keep around 1 Meter cable, so that security camera can rotate and easily to move the direction. Do not use power cable plug to support the BNC cable.

Example of security camera layout

PTZ Camera Application
Need use the PTZ camera application area
Shopping Mall Security Camera Placement Layout
(b) Shopping mall surveillance
Security Camera Placement Layout for Cat Parking Lot
(c) Car parking lot surveillance
Security Camera Layout for Bank Vault
(d) Bank Vault surveillance
Security Camera Placement for Bank Office
(e) Bank Office Surveillance
Security Camera Placement Layout for Hotel
(f) Hotel Surveillance

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