How to choose the right security DVR

Since the developing of technology, DVR is widely used in CCTV system. There are many brands of DVR with low level quality unit or high end unit in the security market. How to choose right standalone DVR ? please check following information.

low-level or high end DVR

User can check the frame rate, storage size, image resolution, user operation...etc most important features to identify the quality of security DVR.

1. Frame rate (recording speed)

The frame rate means display or record frame per second. For frame rate, when all the DVR in real-time recording, the frame rate is 30 frames per second, for advertising DVR can record more frame rate than 30 frame per second are untrue. Regarding the frame rate, at 3-5 frames per second recording, you will not omit any activity, there is no real need to record in real time unless there are regulatory reason (Government facilities or casinos). Please don't mix the frame rate and display rate (live video).

2. Storage capacity and backup

The bigger of storage capacity, the better for the storage of video, but it's most important to have backup device port that can backup the files (video), Only backup the video frequently, so that the valuable video can be saved, and convenient to transmission. Store several months of video inside of HDD (Hard Drive) is not applicable, when DVR with problem (for example: HDD), then all files will lose.

3. Image Resolution

Image resolution reflects the DVR's quality, but in technology terms, high resolution will occupy big space of HDD, so when user record video may need to adjust the resolution.

4. User Operation Interface

The operation for DVR must as simple as possible, it's better that user can press 1 button on the panel to complete the function, many manufacturers omit the users operation, and design the products with complicated functions.

Tips on selecting DVR

Features and performance meet project's requirement.

When choose DVR, firstly need to consider where the DVR will be used (building, air-port, museum..etc), or request high frame rate speed projects of Bank ?

For products of normal security projects, DVR with the features of muti-function, best network transmission, low frame rate speed.  For products of bank security projects, DVR with the features of high frame rate speed (above 20 fps), with capability of real-time recording, audio muti-channels and video recording simultaneously.

With the stable performance

If the DVR without stable performance, when it can not record the video at importance time, this lead to many serious problem. For the stable performance of DVR can be considered from hardwired constructor and Software Program.

Expanding of  Hard disc drive and the extra cost for it

Normally, DVR with the hard disc drive are not applicable for usage. For example; For Bank surveillance, DVR need to storage 30 days video, video time at least 200 hours, If use 8 channels on real-time recording, the DVR need at least 300GB.

So check wheter it's possible or not for expanding the storage size for DVR is very important. In addition, due to the cost of Hard disc drive, you may need to consider the cost for expanding storage size of HDD.

How to select the hard drive for DVR ?

There are two major manufacturers that provide high quality hard drive; Seagate and Western Digital. The cost for these two brands products are the same, compare to Western Digital, Seagate hard drive with energy saving design.

Even the hard drive can be either used in computer or Digital Video Recorder, but we highly recommend user purchase the surveillance purpose hard drive for 24 X 7 continuous working.

Seagate SV35 and Pipeline HD are hard drive that specialize in DVR recording purpose.

Seagate Hard drive Brands:

  • For Laptop: Momentus, Momentus II, Momentus III, Momentus IV, Mementus V, Momentus XT, Momentus,  Momentus Thin
  • For Desktop: Barracuda 7200.12, Barracuda II, Barracuda III, Barracuda IV, Barracuda V, Barracuda XT, Barracuda, Barracuda Green
  • For Storage Application: SV35, Pipeline HD.

SV35 hard drives are for the purpose of 24 X 7 video surveillance system, offering tuned performance, high capacities and duarable reliablility.

Pipeline HD hard drives are designed for 24 x 7 video surveillance system, reliable operation with performance tuning toward low-power consumption, it can operate at temperature of up to 75 degree.

What's dual stream function for DVR ?

Dual stream means a channel of video images passing through the video coder, and output 2 independent bit streams.

The resolution, frame rate, bit rate and other parameters of output bit stream can be set independently. The output dual steam can meet different demands, for example, one for hard disk storage and the other for network transmission.

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