How to connect IP cameras to NVR?

IP surveillance technology becomes the new trend in security & protection industry. Nowadays, it's so convenient to buy IP surveillance equipment for ultra HD video surveillance system whatever for monitoring residential or business. Unlike the traditional cctv system, IP surveillance equipment rely on network for video transmission. Herein we provide some useful information about the connection of IP camera and NVR.

Connect the IP camera to NVR

Different from the analogue system, the IP camera(without PoE) should not connect to NVR directly, the IP cameras and NVR should connect to the same router. This can ensure the NVR to recognize the IP cameras in the same router. This is very important, whether you want to login via web browsers or using the NVR/VMS for video recording.

Connect IP camera NVR to router

Correct network configuration on NVR

Any IP devices need to set the correct IP address and gateway address to link into internet. When turn on the NVR, you need to set the correct network configuration, therefore it can connect to internet and also communicates with IP cameras. Generally, when initialize the NVR, the NVR will pop-up window to allow user set the network.

Network setting on NVR including IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway

Network configuration NVR

An example configuration on NVR

IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:

Network configuration on IP cameras

For the properly working of IP cameras, user also need to set the correct network. The network setting is similar to the NVR, but it has unique IP address (to avoid IP address conflict). It need to use the same default gateway of NVR. This can ensure NVR can find the IP camera when performing auto search IP camera on NVR.

An example configuration on IP Camera

IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:

The default gateway address must be same for any IP cameras and NVRs

This is just a simple tutorial for the connection. After perform above procedures, your IP camera will connect to NVR. Making sure that these devices are compatible each other. When select the IP cameras and NVRs from market, you need to check whether these equipment are Onvif compliant or not. Onvif is the industrial standard for allowing IP devices compatible each other.

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