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How to design/build a DIY home security system

At one time, if home owners want to protect their premises by using the security system, they have to buy whatever the security company offers.  Signing a long-term alarm monitoring contract with the security company is mandatory when buying and installing a home security system. Nowadays, you have many options, say good bye to the long-term contracts, pricey equipment and installation fee, there are plenty of connected smart devices can allow you to setup a customized home security system with affordable price, versatile features, reliability and flexibility and more advantages.

ZigBee/Z-Wave smart home systems, WiFi alarm system, camera security system, IoT connected smart detectors, there are many inter-compatible systems that can be mixed and matched to compose a home security system that caters your security needs.

All-in-one DIY home security system

Many security companies offer All-in-one DIY home system system, it’s a package includes everything you need to setup a basic home security system, such a system includes alarm panel , keypad, several security detectors, and even a HD WiFi camera. A standard DIY home system kit can run between $99  and $500 in the lower range and can be quite effective in the right situation. Though the system includes all the things needed to setup a security system, choosing the right system not only depends on homeowner’s knowledge of the system and but also how well the all-in-one system meets the security demands of the home it is used in.

For who like Do-it-yourself, it’s recommended to go at compiling a security system from hand chosen parts, rather than going for the standard package. Unifore provides various home alarm system kits to meet your special security needs.

Wireless motion detector with a siren

To those just looking for a simple home security system can use the wireless motion detectors that come with a siren. Diamond – is such kind of simple wireless alarm system, it’s a siren that can connect with multiple security detectors. Once the detector triggers, the siren will make warning noise. So this kind of system is cheap and offers a minimalist type of security coverage for your home. 

Diamond Wireless Alert System

Door and Window Magnetic Contacts

Door and Window Magnetic contacts have been a mainstay of home security systems since the invention of electronica automated home security. These items are included in almost every type of security systems including cameras system, ZigBee/Z-Wave/ULE home automation system, intrusion alarm system and  more. These sensors can be placed at each window and door or even wardrobe, safebox. The working theory is very simply,  a magnetic contact sensor consists of two parts, they usually operate on a magnetic field which is broken when the contacts are separated with sets off an alarm.  There are many types of door/window magnetic sensors available in the market, some cheap door/windows sensors are battery powered and have a buzz sounder built-in to make warning noise when it’s triggered.

However, most of them are wireless type should work with the central hub. Since the detectors are powered by battery, after running for a period time, the battery will run down. To conventional alarm system, it’s important to test each one frequently to ensure they are working. However, Unifore’s latest WiFi alarm system – Wisen adopts the bilateral communication technology to supervise the connection. It can alert users whether or not the detector lost the liaison between detectors and alarm panel (conditions including detector is tampered, detector’s battery runs out, window/door is open when the homeowners try to arm the system).

Wisen - WiFi Alarm System

PIR Flood Lights and Motion activated Spotlights

Timed or motion lights are very popular in perimeter protection applications for commercial areas. However, according to the recent study, it has a big drawback – some smart criminals are wise to them. When a light comes on once the movement is detected, or by timed automation, this can give the criminals a hint that no-body is watching. Hence, these devices should never be installed anywhere other than in a main entry passageway. Only then would motion activated flood lights deter a criminal. 

Outdoor HD network cameras

In addition to buying and installing an intrusion alarm system, most people will choose the HD network cameras. Indoor HD network cameras are very popular, but outdoor cameras should be very useful to deterrent criminals. Generally, outdoor security cameras cost more than indoor ones, outdoor cameras are weatherproof and touch can handle outdoor weather conditions. It’s better to choose the outdoor camera that offers not only higher video quality but also versatile functions as out of doors locations are subject to greater variations of lighting. Depends on your specific needs, users also can choose the one come with motorized vari-focal lens can to simplify the camera installation, also allow viewing angle adjustment automatically. For most residences, one or two outdoor cameras would be all that is really necessary. Unifore provide a wide range of outdoor cameras, but our D1400 and D1500 outdoor WiFi cameras rank the top best.

Fire detectors: smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, LPG Gas

Though most wireless alarm system can work with different types of fire detectors, few people will consider to use them. That’s because most homes come with smart alarms in place.  The security experts recommend smoke & heat, carbon monoxide for every home, because fire detectors can detect smoke density and rapid temperature rising to give the earlier warning of fire danger, and carbon monoxide leakage can be a very dangerous threat to the security of your home. If your property doesn't have smoke alarm installed, these fire detectors shouldn't be neglected. 

Smoke Alarm Detector

Home security tips for homeowners

Despite relying on smart devices to protect your premises, the most effective way to protect a home is knowing home security tips and help to prevent burglaries or limit losses in the unfortunate case that one occurs. Keeping a dog if possible, if you are considering a pet, a dog can be a powerful deterrent to a potential burglar. The dog doesn’t need to be a large dog or one acts ferocious either. Dogs are naturally territorial and can sense when a stranger is around the home. 

Considering buying a decoy safe, a high quality safe can be a great investment as long as it can be adequately secured in a permanent way to the floor or wall. Another home security tip is limit easy access, according to the report, criminals usually target houses which can be easily accessed. If your house has multiple entries and areas where criminals can break-in, then these areas should be addressed. Conducting a survey around the house to inspect for security breaches. Using good quality locks to back gates or doors if you have, in dark areas should be installed lighting, trim shrubs to reveal hiding places.

Lastly, don’t show off expensive or unique items. This will put you on the target list for burglars. Perpetrators usually target homes that have valuable contents inside in spite of existing security measures. Be discreet about your belongings and don’t leave them in view of anyone who walks by. 


Using motion sensors to cover the most trafficked areas of the interior of the home is the cheapest route  for small homes with minimal security needs. It’s better to have a simple alert system just like the Diamond, multiple PIR motion detectors can connect to an audible siren. This system doesn’t need to use cellular service, no Internet connection, and it can be directly plugged into electricity outlet, and PIR motion sensors are wireless and battery powered. 

If you need an advanced system, users can add a second layer of security in the form of wireless, using Cellular or Internet connected central hub, this can alert users the alarm event even when they are away. Today’s wireless alarm system can send text message or make auto-dial phone call to notify users once an alarm occurs. Homeowners also can remotely arm/disarm the system by using their smartphones. To those who want to check what happens can use Internet connected security cameras. Security cameras can help to identify the intruder and aid the police in their investigation. 

No one wants their home violated by a criminal and every people deserves to feel safe and secure in their house. Following the above mentioned security tips is a helpful step, buying and installing a DIY security system is not just a wise investment, but also in the right direction toward protecting your valuables and your family.

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