How to wiring smoke detectors to burglar alarm system

Smoke detectors (sensors) are one of important sensors to prevent fire disaster. It's better to install the smoke detectors when install the burglar alarm system for the fire detection and alert. There are two different types of wired smoke detector; two wires and four wires in the market. Typically burglar alarm system are using 4 wires smoke detectors. Most of time, smoke sensor will come with instruction manual in the installation, anyway, some people may still feel the difficulties on the wiring. Herein we provide simple information about how to wiring the wired smoke detectors to your new or exist wired alarm panels.

1. Prepare the smoke detector, now we are using Non-pole wired smoke detector with NC (normal close) output, Model: VS-YY200

Non-pole wired smoke detectors

2. Wiring the cables for smoke detector,different from fire alarm system. The wiring require the EOL resistor connection into circuit.

Wiring Smoke Detector using three cables

Notice: AUX+ is the positive pole of power supply. Due to smoke detector is Normal Close, EOL resistor is connecting to circuit in series. We are only using three cables, because Z- is connecting with GND in this case.

3. Take out the EOL resistor from zones, and wiring the cables

Wiring cables for alarm systems

4. Wiring three or more smoke detectors in one zone, the diagram as below:

Wiring more smoke detectors into one zone

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