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Security network cameras work in extreme hot or cold weather condition

A typical security network camera can work properly in the temperature range of -10 Celsius degree to 50 Celsius degree. Working under outdoor extreme weather condition such as -20 Celsius degree is a challenge to normal network cameras. What if you are living a place where such extreme weather condition is a normality? Well, you need to use outdoor cameras have temperature controlling device built-in, or you can put your camera into a weatherproof housing that contains temperature controlling device.

The temperature controlling device enables your camera to work properly under temperature range -40 Celsius degree to 70 Celsius degree. Normally, the temperature controlling device including three components; a temperature sensor can sense temperature changes, then turn on/off heater and cooling fan to maintain the temperature; a heater that can convert electricity to heat, a cooling fan can cool your camera if temperature keeps uprising and has reached its threshold e.g. 50 Celsius degree.

Security Camera Housing with Temperature Control
Security Camera Housing with Temperature Control

To have a heater can have another benefit, which is can defog and defrost. When cameras are operating under low temperature weather condition, due to a wide difference in temperature, the internal air becomes moist on camera’s lens and glass, hence will block camera’s view. The heater can generate high temperature and make internal air dry.

Normally, a heater is made of positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resistor. The advantages or features of PTC resistor including:

  1. Rising temperature fast, long lifespan
  2. A wide range operating voltage, low-voltage PTC resistor can support 3V-24V voltage range
  3. Steady temperature, only related to its character, unrelated with voltage and other factors
  4. Not burning, high safety
PTC Resistor
PTC Resistor

Normally, the PTC resistor and temperature sensor work together to maintain temperature, sometime you can directly connect PTC resistors, no need to use a regulated temperature design. You are able to put them on aluminum heat-dissipation sink or camera’s metal housing.

Regarding to the power rate of PTC resistor, actually the power rate has less impact on camera’s heating process. 50W and 100W different power rate has effect on heating time. Considering the full-sealed design of outdoor camera and normally use DC12V voltage, the power rate of PTC resistor should not be high.

Beside the extreme high/low temperature, when installing security camera in outdoor harsh weather conditions, you also need to consider waterproof and lightning protection. You can read "Install security camera in harsh environment" to know more about this.

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