Software compression dvr card or hardware compress card ?

PC-based DVR system with the higher stability and flexibility also is easy to customize. DVR cards are the core component for PC-based DVR systems. Through adding more compression DVR cards, the PC-based DVR system can support more video channels and other desired functions.

There are two different types of DVR Card: software compression PC DVR Card and hardware compress PC DVR card. The software compression cards are using the computer to run the compression algorithm and the data processing, as well as transfer the data to hard driver. Hardware compress cards are using the built-in DSP chip to run the compression algorithm and processing the data and save the video to hard driver.

Geovision Compression DVR Card

Which is better between software compression PC DVR card and hardware compression one? It’s hard to say which one is good between them. Currently the software based DVR card is better then hardware based card. The performance of DVR depends on the DVR software, computer performance, and hardware design of DVR. It’s hard to make conclusion which one can provide more stable performance.The big problem of software compression DVR card is CPU loading. This may not be a problem for DVR system running at a lower frame rate or at a high-profile computer. The more reliable DVR is software compression PC DVR in the world. More over, compare to hardware compression PC DVR card, software based DVR card with low cost,  compression DVR cards are widely been used in most of security projects for security dealer,users and integrators.

Extend information of DVR card, PCI is old standard style slot that built-in in motherboards. PCI-E is the upgraded style of slot, Compared to PCI, PIC-E with 2-60 times of max bandwidth. Increased bandwidth can be equated into increased system performance. When select the DVR card, you need to select the correct type of DVR card according to slot on motherboard of your PC.

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