Troubleshooting tips for standalone dvr

This article is about troubleshooting tips for standalone DVR, then content as below:

The method of update firmware of DVR

USB flash memory:put the update software in the root of USB flash memory,then connect it with DVR, then go to “main menu”-> “advanced”-> “upgrade”, then click “flush”, then select the right update software and click “update”.

The method of restore the security DVR

The way of restore DVR is similar with the way of reinstall the system of computer.There are two USB ports in the back of DVR. When restore the DVR, you should use the above port to connect USB flash memory and not connect other USB devices with the DVR.

  1. Copy “restore.img” to the root of USB flash memory.(the name of restore file should be “restore.img”. if not, please rename them.
  2. Turn off the DVR, connect the USB flash memory, then turn on the DVR.
  3. Wait for a while(about 3-5 minutes),turn off DVR till you hear buzz,then take off the USB flash memory.
  4. Restart DVR.

Note: Please remove “restore.img” from the USB flash memory after successful restore, or it will restore the DVR again.

The method to restore the default password

Turn on DVR and write down the date that the DVR shows, contact the support, and they will give you the super password. With this super password and the user “admin”, you can login the DVR. Then go to “main menu”-> “advanced” -> “restore”. Then DVR will restore the default password.

Method for different network connection

  1. IE connection. Type the IP address and HTTP port in the address bar (no need HTTP port if the port is 80).For example:, The user name and password are the same as the device.
  2. CMS client connection. The address could be IP or domain name. For example:,, The port is the TCP port in the network setup of DVR. The user name and password are the same as the device.
  3. Mobile phone connection. Install the mobile phone monitoring software. The name can be self-defined. The address could be IP or domain name. The port should be the mobile phone port in the network setup of DVR. The user name and password are the same as the device.

The problem of hang on in LOGO interface or black screen

  1. Take off the cables, HDD and other connected devices. Then turn on the DVR and try again.
  2. Change another power supply. Please make sure that the power supply is really 12 V and not split.
  3. Use the restore software.

The problem of restart automatically or system halted

  1. The input voltage is not stable or too low. Please check the voltage by circuit tester.
  2. Shortage of power supply. Change a new power supply with the same voltage and more current.
  3. Some sectors of HDD have problems or the cable of HDD is broken. Take off the HDD and try again.
  4. The front-end video signal unstable. Take off the video cable and turn on DVR to try again.
  5. Poor heat dissipation, too much dust, too harsh working environment. Put DVR in a good environment for a while and try again.
  6. DVR hardware failure

DVR do not detect the HDD

  1. The disconnection of HDD cables.
  2. The power cable of HDD is broken.
  3. Defect HDD
  4. SATA port on the board is broken

Can not format HDD

  1. Restore the DVR to the default.
  2. The software problem. Update or restore the software.
  3. HDD problem. Change a new HDD.

DVR no video in single, multi or all channels

  1. The brightness of pictures turn into zero. Restore the picture color to the default.
  2. The disconnection of the video cable. Change a new cable.
  3. The signal of video input is too weak or even no. Check the power supply of the camera and the video cable.
  4. The authority problem of the account. Go to “main menu”-> “advanced”-> “account”-> “modify user”, enable the preview authority of the user.
  5. The TV system problem. Switch PAL/NTSC.
  6. video output mode problem. Press the left button of the mouse for about 10 seconds, and the video output mode will switch (VGA or CVBS). Find a video cable, connect one side of the cable to the video output and the other side of the cable to the any video input. Then go to “ main menu”-> “system”-> “general”, and change the video output mode.
  7. The software problem. Update or restore the software.

The problem of display picture(black and white or colorless)

  1. The TV system problem. Switch the TV system(PAL/NTSC)
  2. The color setting problem. Restore the color setting.
  3. Software problem. Restore or update DVR
  4. The impedance of the monitor is unfit with the DVR.
  5. The distance of the video transmission is too far or the decay of video signal in the transmission is too large

Remote control not working for DVR

  1. Remote control is too far away or angle biased
  2. Remote control battery runs out
  3. Remote address is incorrect
  4. Remote control broken or the front panel of DVR broken.

The formula of calculating the recording time

DVR adopt MPEG4/H.264 compression format. Because its own dynamic rang is too large,we have to estimate the size of the recording file each channel per hour according to the code stream to calculate the HDD capacity. Go to main menu->Info->BPS.

Recording time (hour) = Total capacity(M)/ The size of the recording file(M/hour)×channels

No video display on IE browser

  1. Check if the sub-stream is enable.
  2. Lower IE security level and connect again. Enable all the items under “IE->tools-> internet option-> security-> self-defined level-> ActiveX”
  3. Check if the display card is ok. Click “start”-> “run”-> “dxdiag”,and go to “display”, and check if “directx” is enable.
  4. Install the IE plug-in by hand
  5. Open two IE windows, and connect DVR at the same time.
  6. Network not stable. Wait for buffering or reconnect.
  7. Anti-virus impediment. Set URL trust in the anti-virus software, or uninstall the software.

The method of connecting DVR by Firefox

Need install IE Tab V2(FF3.5,4,5,6,7+) to connect DVR in Firefox.

The method of connecting DVR by Google Chrome

Search and install “IE tab” in Chrome. After the installation, chrome will automatically switch to IE kernel when you connect DVR.

The problem of no snapshot, no record, no log info in professional and enterprise version WIN7

The reason is that the security level of professional and enterprise version WIN7 and VISTA is very high. This problem exists in all the DVR in the market. The solution: run IE, tools-> internet option-> security-> Protected Mode is enabled (enabled by default). Just disable “Protected Mode is enabled

The problem of no video in CMS windows server 2003

Desktop –> Right click -> Properties -> Settings ->Advanced -> Problems -> “no” to “full”

The method of changing LOGO in the opening interface

  1. The requirement of Logo picture:24 bit,BMP format, less than 390k,the size:542*241.
  2. Update Logo by the update tool.

The method of using ARSP

ARSP is similar like DDNS, but use the DNS server of the DVR manufacturer

  1. do the network setup and port mapping. You can see the details in the file “Quick setups of DVR remote monitoring”.
  2. Go to “ main menu”-> “system”-> “network service”-> “ARSP”, then type a self-defined user name and click “ ok” to apply for. If the application is failed, there will be a note of operation failure; if succeed, it will return to the “network service” interface. For example, the user name is 123, then the domain of DVR is Just type in the address bar while visiting by IE. If the HTTP port is not 80, the http port should be added, like

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