What is infrared security camera?

Security cameras are widely used in security field for many applications. IR security cameras are most popular cameras for providing day & night surveillance. How the IR security camera works? If you are not familiar with video surveillance industry, you may not know, so we herein explain in this article.

Introduction for infrared ray

The wave length between 0.76 to 400 micro-meters rays are Infrared ray (IR), Infrared ray is invisible. All objects above the absolute zero temperature can emit the Infrared ray. Absolute zero temperature is the coldest possible temperature.

Light ray wave length diagram

There are two kinds of Infrared illuminators: traditional IR illuminator and 3rd generation IR LED array.

Infrared illuminators

Brief introduction for Infrared security camera

Traditional security cameras can not see under complete darkness light condition. Infrared security cameras are equipped with extra Infrared LED illuminator for emitting Infrared ray at night to capture the images at night, thus the Infrared security cameras can work at 24 hours. 

The Infrared security camera working theory

The built-in IR illuminator will emit the infrared ray at wide angle, and the Infrared ray reach to objects, the infrared ray will reflect back to security camera for forming images. The working theory is similar like flashlight working at night, human eye equivalent to the camera.

Infrared Security Camera Working Theory

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