What's self-monitoring alarm system?

Nowadays, self-monitoring alarm system gets popular. With implementation of wireless technology, as well as smartphone integration. The self-monitoring alarm system can gives the customer a free "ADT" system for monitoring their residence and business. Monitored alarm service from ADT working as bridge between your property and the police station, fire emergency, and emergency response department. Once an alarm is triggered, the signal will transmit to central monitoring station, the operator will contact home owner for alarm verification. If it's not false alarm, the operator will contact local emergency department.

Monitoring Station Working Theory

With self-monitoring system installed, the alarm signal will transmit to house owner directly. After user get notified and with alarm verification, user can contact the local emergency department. That means the system allow user to monitor and protect their property without subscription of monitoring service with security companies. 

The advantage of self-monitoring? 

The self-monitoring system does same job like other monitored alarms. The system has full features and can provide reliable performance for intrusion, fire, environmental monitoring. Unlike monitored alarm which requires the security installer, the self-monitoring system is suitable for do-it-yourself installation. Generally, the equipment cost is far more cheaper than monitored alarm. The system is self-contained with PSTN communicator or even GSM communicator for alarm connection, it doesn't need user to use add-on devices for cellular communication functionality.

By the way, do-it-yourself installation can allow user to save huge amount of money. The wireless technology enables system can be installed easily, even house is decorated. Wireless sensors can be installed with the included double side tap, without drilling holes in your property for hassle-free installation. The wireless signal can penetrate the wall, and maximum transmission distance up to 100 meters, thus it can meet the requirement for typical house or apartment. 

Obviously, without subscription of monitoring contract is one of important advantages why residence users are considering the self-monitoring system. Security company like ADT requires user to sign long-term monitoring contract. When customers are not satisfied the service and decide to cancel the service, they still charge the monitoring fee for rest of months on accordance with contract terms. 

Best self-monitoring alarm system

If you are looking for best self-monitoring alarm system, you should take a look at our model G60-Ultimate. This is 2014 design wireless alarm system which is suitable for self-monitoring and do-it-yourself installation. The system supports up to 116 wireless sensors, adopting "esay-to-learn" technology, user can expand the system with ease. Different from other similar products, this system is advanced alarm system with modern look, and integration with touch sensitive keypad with large LCD display. Most of important, it has built-in GSM communicator and PSTN communicator for alarm communication. The system can monitor fire, intrusion, flood, temperature, gas leak, CO and more.

This system comes with two colors;white and black.The standard package contains one wireless alarm panel, one wireless PIR motion sensor, one wireless magnetic sensor, two wireless keyfob, and adapter, instruction manual, batteries.

Read more about this model: 

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