what's the difference between dome camera and bullet camera?

Every fresh people in video surveillance industry will ask this question-what's the difference between dome camera and bullet camera ?  These two kinds of camera are widely used in video surveillance systems. Normally, the bullet camera and dome camera can replace each other, they both can provide same function for your cctv system. If you got a 700 tv lines dome camera and a 700 tv lines bullet camera, they provide same image resolution and functions. There are not big difference between these two kinds of camera, but do with some difference.

Wall mount installation for bullet camera & ceiling mount installation for dome camera

Shape is most obvious difference between these two kinds of cameras. Shape difference effects the way for installation of surveillance cameras.

Dome camera: Dome cameras are installed inside and hang on ceiling. Security cameras may be is part of your home interior decoration, now you can get stylish dome cameras installed inside home or office, without ruin your decoration. In addition, dome cameras occupy less space for the installation, and less visible, compared to the bullet camera.

Bullet camera: Bullet cameras usually mounted to the side of the wall and it’s point to surveillance areas look like the barrel of a gun or a bullet.

Outdoor installation for bullet camera, and install installation for dome cam

Dome cameras are installed indoor applications, with short view distance and with stylish compact size design. The dome camera with aesthetic look, can blend itself in with the area of installation.

It’s necessary to pull the dome cover off for adjusting the camera (zoom & focus, OSD…etc), this is a disadvantage for dome camera. In addition, typically dome camera with compact design, limited to be equipped with small lens for short distance view.

Bullet cameras with weatherproof design. they are installed outdoor applications, they are with large size and can provide the best way to deter theft. Majority of bullet cameras come with mounting bracket, The mounting bracket can make bullet camera with flexibility to swivel horizontally and vertically for getting best field of view. Camera can be large size, and equipped with big lens for long range view distance, also can be added with Infrared illuminators for long range night vision.

Vandal-resistant for dome camera

vandal-resistant dome camera

Majority of dome cameras with plastic dome cover, and this dome structure provide vandal resistance when mounted in low height. This is very important features when mounting the camera for an application involves lots of people in reach of the camera. Vandal-proof dome camera are suitable for car, bus, retail store, banks, bars and homes.

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