2 Beams IR Beam Motion Detector

Dual Beam Active Infrared Photoelectric Beam
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Name: Active Infrared Beam Detector
Model: VST-20/30/40/60/80/100
Beams: Two Beams
Wired and wireless optional

Dual Infrared Beam Introduction:

VST series Dual Photoelectric Beam Detectors adopts advanced active infrared beam technology for the movement detection. The detector with dual beams with features of interruption time adjustable features to minimize the false alarm. Only dual beams interrupted simultaneously, the alarm will be triggered. This beam sensor comes with laser beam alignment function which reduces the installation time and along with that increases the work-ability of the device. The Beam sensor comes with built-in Optical Viewfinder for easy and quick alignment. One more notable feature of this beam is Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Circuit for precision. Other features include Weather proof Anti-rain, snow, dew, mist, frost design mounting brackets, Pole Clips etc. The protection distance (between Transmitter / Receiver) should be placed in the rated range. The detector with relay outputs (NC/NO) for working with any kinds of hardwired security system, can be built-in wireless RF transmitter for working with wireless alarm system.

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Note: The protection distance (between Transmitter / Receiver) should be placed in the rated range.

Dual infrared Beam Key Features:

Dual beams provide reliable security and minimizing false alarm
Automatic input power filtering with special noise circuitry
Built-in optical viewfinder for easy installation
Adjustable response time for various application
Thunder lightning arrester (Anti-surge) circuit design
LED indication Anti-fog and anti-dew design
Tamper circuit included
Other additional functions: photic instruction, OK instruction, test terminal,multilevel LED indicator
Including Main unit mounting bracket set

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Technical Parameter

Model VST-20 VST-30 VST-40 VST-60 VST-80 VST-100
Rated Range (Outdoor) 20m 30m 40m 60m 80m 100m
(Indoor) 60m 90m 120m 180m 240m 300m
Maximum Distance 230m 350m 460m 650m 900m 1100m
Beam 2beams
Detection Method 2beams interrupted at the same time
Light Source Infrared LED
Sensor Speed 50 - 700 msec
Alarming Output Relay Contact Output Contact Rating: ACDC30V0.5Amax
Power Supply Voltage DC/AC13.8 - 24 V
Current Sinking 40mAmax 40mAmax 40mAmax 55mAmax 65mAmax 65mAmax
Using Temperature - 25 ° C?55 ° C
Dimension Refer to exterior diagram
Dismantle Prevention Output Contact Output DC30V0. 5 Amax.
Adjusting Angle of Optical Axis (Horizontal) 180 ° ±90 °
Adjusting Angle of Optical Axis (Vertical) 20 ° ±10 °
Hairline Pointer Dis-mountable
Dedew and Defrost Method Ultrasonic Structure
Other Function Light Accept Indication Ok Indication Testing Terminal
Material PC
Weight 1000g Light Receptor +Light Projector

Working Theory & Dimension:

VST Dual Beam Sensor Working Theory & DimensionSMT Design PCB

Specification of Wireless Transmitter Module:
Operating frequency: 433MHz (315MHz optional)
Operating Voltage: 9V-12V
Modulation mode: ASK
Quiescent current: 0uA
Operating current: 8 - 15mA
Transmitting power: 10 - 15mW
Encoding type: Learning code (eV1527)   [can be fixed code, PT2262]
Transmitting Distance: 100-200 M (open space, receiver sensitivity: -108dBm)

Customer Feedback (15)

  • Rodrigo Gamboa

    Rodrigo Gamboa

    13 June 2013 at 15:19 | #

    I have a 433 or 315MHz base unit with 1527 encoder and i wann upgrade the system with laser beam sensor for outdoor installation? Could you suggest me some sensors and prices in order to take a good decision?


  • Unifore


    14 June 2013 at 00:58 | #

    Thanks for your message. This beams is hardwired beam sensor with dual laser beam, and suitable for outdoor installation. It seems you are using wireless system, thus it may not suitable for your requirment. One more thing, it can be equipped with wireless transmitter module, thus it can work with your wireless alarm.


  • Garry thurogood

    Garry thurogood

    10 October 2013 at 15:08 | #

    Hi. I have a 5m x 10m outdoor pool, I'm looking for temp wireless laser fence for my 19 month old daughter, the property is rented so I can not hard wire. Any suggestions/recommendations .
    I live in Cyprus

    Best regards



  • dan


    30 October 2014 at 16:06 | #

    I am looking for similar or 2 Beams IR Beam Motion Detector. The purpose is to have it in between two gate post, about 48 inch a part. So when opens it will ring inside house announcing someone arrival.




    03 April 2016 at 23:59 | #

    I have installed VST20 model for my customer but the installation guide and manual are loosen and can not find in internet. please kindly give them to our email.


  • Unifore


    04 April 2016 at 21:30 | #

    We don't upload the manual to our website, alternatively you can download the Quadbeam manual: http://www.hkvstar.com/images/stories/file/User-Manual-VSH-110408001.pdf


  • Iftequar


    10 August 2016 at 05:04 | #

    I wanted to Install the Infrared beam motion Detector do you provide Alarm device and access control panel along with this or i have to buy separately How.?
    It needs to be configured or just wire connection.?
    And what if false alarm is there any remote to reset it?

    Please help..!


  • Unifore


    13 August 2016 at 10:45 | #


    Well, we have self-contained alarm system to work with Infrared beam motion detectors. We highly recommend you the G60-Ultimate and G10-Ultimate.
    All of them are good, high quality self-monitoring alarm systems.
    Regarding to the false alarm, likely they come from the wireless security sensors. You may use low-false alarm rate security sensors (such as wireless door/window sensors, infrared beam sensors) in your alarm system.


  • Karl


    29 November 2016 at 18:13 | #

    Hello. I'm interested in the 2 beam IR Motion. I would like to install it across my front yard so if someone comes onto the property It would send me an SMS/Text alerting me. I have wired cameras of the property and wireless alarms in the home on windows/doors. Upon notification I could view my cameras from my phone to see if it's an intruder or just the mail delivery service. Would this work for this?


  • Kevin


    20 January 2017 at 14:10 | #

    Is the VSE-200 an outdoor sensor?


  • Qatar


    29 November 2017 at 06:39 | #

    We would like to receive an offer for an IR Beam using range as your VST100 with control, cables, accessories and Project Management. We want to control an one hundred meters straight distance recording the passages through via wi-fi an a program or similar.


  • Mathew


    16 December 2017 at 22:49 | #

    I would like to fix IR laser fense in my home out side. This is 20x20 Mtr square boundry. So please let me know this will protect home from any trespassers and please suggest the suitable unit , price and availability in India.


  • Komakech Ignatius

    Komakech Ignatius

    26 February 2018 at 07:56 | #

    Hello, I bought Dual-Beam Active Photoelectric Intruder Detector "Beam", ADT 150. I didn't see other options like setting and resetting the alarm.
    Do I need another component for it to function with this dual beam system? Please advise. I need it for outdoor use so that when someone is tempering entering the house we could easily notice.


  • Solar Beam Sensor

    Solar Beam Sensor

    26 February 2018 at 19:21 | #

    Active Infrared Beam Sensors can not work standalone, it should work with burglar alarm panel. Because they only come with alarm output (normal open and normal close), don't have siren and controller built-in.


  • Matthew Pereira

    Matthew Pereira

    11 October 2018 at 02:56 | #

    Odd question,
    Could you set up an ir beam system where if someone is in the restroom whether sitting on a toilet, standing at a urinal, or washing their hands..it would set off an indicator light outside the restroom door? (I'd like to save my guests the embarrassment of having to answer audibly when my cleaning staff needs to check to see if the restrooms are occupied).


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