Siren/Strobe Siren

Alarm siren-typically we call it siren, when alarm is triggered, the alarm panel will switch on the siren or strobe siren, the siren or strobe siren will make noise and strobe lights (warning sounds & lights) to alert people or your neighbors, also it will scare the intruder, the intruder will stop the intrusion and flee the situation, leaving your house.

Vandalproof outdoor 30w strobe siren for burglar/fire alarm system

Hardwired Vandalproof Outdoor Strobe Siren Burglar/Fire Alarm

Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Siren

Tamper protection hardwired outdoor security siren

Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Siren High Decibel Alarm

Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Siren

Solar Powered Alarm Strobe Siren

Solar powered outdoor wireless strobe siren

Solar powered wireless strobe siren, IP67 waterproof design

Outdoor burglar alarm security strobe light siren

Outdoor burglar alarm security strobe light siren

Name: Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren

Wireless indoor burglar alarm security siren

Indoor Burglar Alarm Wireless Security Strobe Light Siren

New stylish indoor wireless strobe light + alarm siren to provide strong visual and audible deterrent

Burglar alarm outdoor wireless security strobe light siren

Big size outdoor strobe siren

Hardwired Interior Siren

Hardwire interior siren with 3.5mm jack

100dB sound, 12V voltage
Model: ES-620

Security siren/bell box

Hardwired strobe siren box

Hardwired  Strobe Siren Box

Hardwired Electronic Siren

Hardwired Electronic Siren

Hardwired Electronic Siren

Hardwired Indoor Strobe Siren

Hardwired Indoor Strobe Siren

ES-626 Horn/Siren

Wired Siren ES-626

Name: Wired Security Siren
Model: ES-626

Wired strobe light

Name: Wired Strobe Light
Model: VS-AL