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Warning: clients should be aware of E-mail scam

Majority of our clients contact us over internet, internet security is getting more and more important. Before computer goes on-line, you should install the latest anti-virus software on computer and regularly scan your computer for security. If you can not find a good software, you can try Immunet Protect, that's the anti-virus software with high reputation. In order to prevent customer cheated by the E-mail fraudsters, we herein provide our bank information and other payment information as below:

Please note the following is bank information

Account No.: 124612631833
Account Name: ZHOU YIBIN
Beneficiary Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong
Beneficiary Bank Code: 004
Bank Address: 1 Queen's Road Central, HK Hong Kong

Please note the Western Union receiver information:
First name: Yibin or Yixin, Xitie
Family name: Zhou
City: Shenzhen city, Guangdong province,China, 518109
And if you finish the payment,please give us the MTCN.TKS!
And also supply all the information I supply for you as above.
the address,the telephone,the total sum,the family name,the first name.

Please note the following Paypal information:
Paypal account: jackchouy@hotmail.com

Please note that we will not change our bank information and WU receiver, paypal account in any time by any means.

Tips to avoid scam:

When send E-mail, please check the receiver's E-mail address is the correct E-mail address belong to our company. It's better to send E-mail that contains important information to our company mailbox (example: sales@123anfang.com, sales01@hkvstar.com....etc). When receiving E-mail with strange information, you should report to sales via telephone or ask help.

Before sending any money or transfer funds to us, please double check the receiver's information, if the receiver's information is not accordance with above stated, then that might be scam. After sending the funds, please contact us via E-mail or telephone.

Be aware of sending money via Western Union. If you want to send the money via Western Union, our receiver's name is YIBIN ZHOU. YIBIN ZHOU is our company CEO's name. If the proforma invoice contain other receiver's information (include sales representative's name), client should refuse to make the payment, also double check with sales representative.

We are not responsible for the client's loss, when client send money to any fraudsters. After we confirmed that we received the payment, then we will make the delivery to our customer. Bank receipt or Payment receipt should be given to us for helping us make preparation for urgent orders or sample orders.

If you need any information or with doubles about the payment information, please try to contact us via telephone. Our phone number is (+086)-755-28901540.